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 Ryobi P2603 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Parts

Part Number: 518463005
In Stock, 1 Available
Bolt (M4 x 12 mm)
Part Number: 660033002
In Stock, 2 Available
Part Number: 660208095
In Stock, 1 Available
Front Handle Assembly
Part Number: 302373002
In Stock, 17 Available
18V Ni-Cd/Li-Ion Battery Charger
Part Number: 140173019
In Stock, 1 Available
Guard Block
Part Number: 516833002
Ships In 6 - 11 Business Days
Warning Label
Part Number: 940304544
Ships In 6 - 11 Business Days
Data Label
Part Number: 940670182
Ships In 6 - 11 Business Days
Battery WarningLabel
Part Number: 940810004
Ships In 6 - 11 Business Days
Battery Warning Label
Part Number: 940810003
Ships In 6 - 11 Business Days
Operators Manual
Part Number: 987000871
Ships In 6 - 11 Business Days
Logo Label
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 940705066
Sorry, this part is no longer available
No Hands Label
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 099941003904
Sorry, this part is no longer available
18V Ni-Cd Battery Pack
No Longer Available [ More Info ]
Part Number: 130224054
Sorry, this part is no longer available

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Accessories for the Ryobi P2603

Questions & Answers

I bought the hedge trimmer from some one. He took it apart, just want to no if y'all have a part diagram so I can put it back together.
Clarence for model number Ryobi p2603
Hello Clarence, That is a good question but unfortunately, we do not currently have Diagrams for this particular model. For more specialized assistance or to speak with someone about this, I would suggest calling the manufacturer of the appliance directly. We hope this helps!
Discussion for the Ryobi P2603 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Discussion is closed. To ask our experts a question about a part, use the Q&A feature on our product pages.
Question: Does This Require Screws?


I received the handle from eTeplacementParts for the Ryobi P2306 18V One hedge trimmer.

I can snap the handle on; however, it is not very secure; it comes off with even light usage.

So, I'm guessing I need to attached the handle with a screw; however, no such screw came with my purchase. Any advice would be appreciated!


Hello jeffrob_nc,

There is a bolt to attach the 302373002 Front Handle Assembly. It is part number 660208095 Bolt. It is not included with the Front Handle Assembly.

Question: Handle Replacement


do you have instruction on replacement of this handle?
Hello azdmd,

On the parts diagrams for the P2601 and the P2603 the part number 660208095 bolt is inserted through the base of the 302373002 handle and then through the housing and then threads into the other side of the handle. It should also work on the model number P2602. The only problem is that the bolt is on a factory back order with no delivery date.

hi - will this handle fit a P2605 bought from Home Depot?
Hello 1204298,

The part number 302373002 Front Handle Assembly, is the correct handle for the Ryobi P2605.

Question: Ryobi Cordless String Trimmer


Used the battery pack twice, blinking recharge says it is defective and it does not work at all!
How do I get a new one from manufacturer?Ijust bought this less than a month ago!
Hello 1188482,

I don't know if you purchased the entire tool, battery and charger less then a month ago. If you did you should be able to take it back to the company you purchased it from. Most manufactures have a 30 day or longer return policy. If it was just the 130429025 battery you purchased. You should have the charger and battery checked out at the nearest Ryobi Authorized Service Center. You may have a problem with the charger.

Question: Availability Of Front Handle Ass...


When will this part be available? I own several Ryobi battery-powered tools and garden tools. I have never seen such a poorly designed, inferiorly manufactured key part for a tool. That is substantiated by the fact that parts inventory is sold out with no eta on more parts. I have been forced to buy another hedge trimmer because of your failure to produce a quality product. The next time this happens, I will abandon Ryobi and the 18, 24, and 40watt tools purchased from you. Thought you should know, just in case you wanted to do something about this.

Michael Roddy
Hello Michael Roddy,

I do feel your frustration in this situation. But you are venting your feelings to the wrong company. We sell parts and accessories for the manufacture, and haven't any control of their inventory or quality of the product they produce. I will, for a favor for you, pass on what you have written to the Ryobi National Sales Manager and the National Service Manager.

Best regards,
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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