I like most of the ways you've re-invented vacuums. One pass with UH 72400 and our rug (with 2 sleeping dogs) is cleaner than with our Miele with 6 passes (as Consumer Reports suggests). It's easy to learn, easy to use, one can tell immediately when the brush is (or is not) turning. We can see when to empty the dirt -- and what i've been picking up.

The reason i gave you a 4 rather than a 5 grade/rating is the amount of noise that little tiny motor makes. I have hearing aids -- and surprisingly, it makes me sensitive to sounds like the motor, a potato chip bag being wadded up, etc -- and that's without my hearing aids. Your motor verges on being a painful sound for me and others like me.

My challenge for you is to continue your reinventing-the-vacuum spree by redoing the motor so it puts out about half the decibels or less -- a noise level i can easily talk over.

Thanks for listening