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 Hamilton Beach 70720 Stack & Snap 10 Cup Food Processor Parts

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Questions & Answers

It says that it is discontinued is there something to replace the clips or the cover
Nelson for model number 70725 food processor cover asked on 2019-07-03
Hello Nelson , Thank you for the question. I looked up the part and it is listed as No Longer Available/Discontinued. There is no part substitutions listed. My suggestion here would be to call the manufacturer and see if they can provide you with a substitution for these part numbers. Hope this helps!
I need food pusher replacement- circular, clear plastic
James Harrison for model number 70721 asked on 2019-08-07
Hi James, sadly the requested part is discontinued, however you can contact the manufacturer at 800-851-8900 to see if they have a suggested replacement. If they can provide you with a part number feel free to contact us back to see if we have the part in stock. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair!
on the top of lid, top of handle is a click with a spring inside, I have cabbage stuck inside and don't see away to wash it out.
Della for model number 70720 asked on 2019-11-06
Hello Della and thanks for writing. You will have to be very careful ad there are contacts in there that make your unit work. Have you tried a very small needlenose plier or even q tips to remove this cabbage, tweezers also might do the trick. Hope this helps. Please contact us anytime.
My model is 79720 and I need replacement part 99015500. I called the 800 no.and was told paper was available, then called parts department and was told it's not available. Who do I believe.
Marlene for model number 70720 asked on 2019-11-14
Hello Marlene, thank you for your inquiry. The part you are requesting (990155000) has been discontinued, and we have no known replacement listed in our system. We have no further information. You may wish to contact the manufacturer for further information. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
I need the bowl part of processor. The plastic spring thing and black thing with screws is busted. I don't see replacement parts? Why? I don't wanna throw out the rest, because it works! Can you find me the replacement?
Pamela for model number 70720 asked on 2019-12-18
Hello Pamela, thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately the replacement bowl for your model 70720 has been discontinued. I apologize for the inconvenience.
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Question: Broken


If there is a 5 year warranty then why are my 2 parts obsolete. My hubby bought this food processor for me for Christmas and today I was shredding cheese but 2 parts broke what do I do now 7720C
Hi Mistyeyes I would not worry too much about the 2 broken obsolete parts. I would, however, be contacting Hamilton Beach regarding honoring their warranty, and see what the deal is.
Question: Hamilton Beach 7720


I bought this food processor 35 days ago from ACE Hardware for home use the spindle use once for shredding cheese it worked,when I replaces the housing for chopping the blade under a load bread crumbs the blade did not spin. What part do I need
Hello 1552395,

You should locate the nearest Hamilton Beach Authorized Service Center in your area and take it to them. The Hamilton Beach 70720 Stack & Snap 10 Cup Food Processor, should still be under warranty.

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