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Accessories for the Cuisinart CSO-300

Questions & Answers

My steam oven just stopped working. Can it be fixed? I can't live without it.
Mary for model number CSO-300
Hello Mary, Thanks for your question! A common point of damage in a toaster oven is the main switch. The initial remedy and maintenance for the main switch is cleaning. To replace it, the side panel of the toaster oven should be taken out. Inspect the contact points for staining and some clogging. Use a fine sandpaper to rub on to the contact point if it is not contacting the surface well. Then use a cotton swab soaked in alcohol or electrical contact spray cleaner to clean the contact points. Another part that may get destroyed is the thermal fuse. This part gives protection to the main switch of the toaster oven from danger which could result from the overloading of electricity during use. Inspect the thermal fuse when the main switch is not working by using a continuity tester. If found defective, take out the thermal fuse and replace it with the same rating. Check this part for debris trapped or some discoloration. Wipeout debris using a can of compressed air. Contact points may be cleaned using emery paper. Another part that is vital in the toaster oven is the heating element which is basically a high-resistance wire that is seen glowing with electricity during use. Check whether there is a clear path for electric current flow on the heating element using a continuity tester. If it is seen that there is no clear path, take out the heating element by removing the attached screws on both ends. Replace the heating element with the kind of the same rating and composition. The solenoid is another part of the toaster oven that could get damaged. The solenoid is the part that controls the on and off functions of the heating element through electric current. Indications that the solenoid is defective are when the heating element burns the food when it is used or when the oven?s door is opened and the heating element is turned off. Inspect the unit for any evident damage and be conscious of burnt smell on the area. Use a continuity tester to confirm any observations. To replace the solenoid, remove the brackets and take out of the unit. If cutting and desoldering is necessary, have it serviced at an appliance repair service center. We hope this helps you troubleshoot!
Do the replacement parts for the cuisinart cso 300 fit inside the cso 300n?
Frances for model number Cso 300n
Hello Frances, thank you for your inquiry! We can confirm that models CSO-300 and CSO-300N are the same. I hope this information helps!
Hi, I need a replacement front door for CSO-300N1, do you have it? Thanks
Gilberto for model number CSO-300N1
Hello Gilberto and thank you for writing. We looked up the part you need, and it is listed as No Longer Available/Discontinued for your model . There are no part substitutions listed. Our suggestion here would be to call the manufacturer and see if they can provide you with a substitution for these part numbers. Hope this helps. Please contact us anytime.
I need a new handle assembly for my Cuisinart CSO 300N1 steam oven. Do you carry this part? Thank you!
April for model number CSO 300N1
Hi April, sadly we could not find this part. I recommend contacting the manufacturer and seeing if they could provide you with a part number, and then you are always welcome to check back to see if we carry the part. Hope this helps!
The top heating element of my CSO-300 has stopped working. Is there any way to get a replacement of this part or repladce a thermal fuse. It is a shame they make these $200-300 appliances to be not repairable.
Erik for model number CSO-300
Hello Erik and thank you for writing. Those parts have been discontinued for your model and are no longer available. We have no known replacement information in our system. We recommend you contact the manufacturer of the part to see if they have recently released a new substitute. We do carry related parts for units just like yours. For example, part number CSO-300WC. Good luck with your repair.
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