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Help Find My Hedge Trimmer Model Number
The best place to start when you need replacement hedge trimmer parts is with the model number. This way you can find an exact list of parts for your hedge trimmer. If you still have the original owner's manual hanging around the house, you can find it there. Otherwise you may need to search a bit on your trimmer.

Check for a metal tag somewhere near the recoil housing or on the shaft. Most manufacturers will try to hide this tag to help prevent it from wear and tear. So you may have to do quite a bit of searching to find the tag. Once you do, note the model number and type, if the machine includes one, then just enter them into the search box above to bring up a list of parts specific to your trimmer.

If you still have trouble finding the tag, just give us a call and we'll happily help you find the information you need to get the parts for your fix.
Help Fixing Your Hedge Trimmer
Whether you need to fix your trimmer's recoil mechanism, replace a gas tank, or even replace a cord on an electric trimmer, you don't have to walk into your repair blind. That's because we do more than just get you the parts you need for your repairs, we offer resources to help as well.

Check out our Repair Center where you can find how-to guides for a variety of repairs. The pictures and videos will help walk you through even the toughest repairs. If you don't find a solution to your problem there, check out our forum where you can diagnose problems and get help with any snags you encounter during your fix.
Check out our helpful repair resources below...
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Repair Center
Hedge Trimmer Spare Parts Shipped Fast
When your hedge trimmer breaks, it's easy to become frustrated. Especially if it happened in the middle of pruning. But you don't have to sit there and watch the hedges grow. Avoid the extra cost and wait times that come with taking your hedge trimmer to a repair shop and fix your trimmer for less at home.

Since all our in-stock parts ship within 24 hours, you'll spend less time waiting and more time making your shrubs the envy of the neighborhood. And we stock thousands of parts for power tools, which means you can get the parts you need for your repair fast.

We can also arrange for special orders. So if you don't see the part you need on our website, you can give us a call and we'll do everything we can to help you get what you need for your repair.
All the Hedge Trimmer Parts You Need
We stock parts for all the major lawn equipment manufacturers. Which means that whether you use Worx, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Lawn Boy, or any one of the dozens of brands we stock hedge trimmer parts for, you can get the parts for your home DIY repairs in no time flat.