Vehicle Safety & Organization Checklist

Vehicle Safety & Organization Checklist

Having a set of safety supplies in the car is crucial, particularly when we’re in the throes of a harsh winter that makes road trouble a daily reality. There are certain must-have items that should be on hand in the event of car trouble, and others that are needed if you’re stranded in hot or cold weather. Read on to find out more.

A spare tire, tire jack, and emergency batter booster are items you should always have, as a flat tire or dead battery are not out of the ordinary. It’s also important to keep a tire pump on hand, as well as your vehicle’s manual and car repair information. During winter, keeping two bags of sand in the trunk above each wheel well can help to add traction to your wheels. The added bonus is that if you get stuck on ice you can apply some of the sand to the ground around your four wheels to help move your car.

During warmer seasons, you may not pay as much attention to your vehicle’s condition as you would in the winter. But it is still important to make sure each system is functioning properly, particularly the air conditioning, cooling system, brakes, and engine. Summer is a great time for a “check-up” to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape, as you can spend more time with it outside without the harsh weather interfering.

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