Top 6 Reasons Why Your Lawnmower Won’t Start

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Lawnmower Won’t Start

Finally, the sun is out and it’s time to bring out the old lawnmower, but what if you try to turn it on and nothing happens? Well, there are a few common problem areas to check. Learn the first troubleshooting steps you should take to fix your mower by watching our video guide, or our written guide below:


The Carburetor mixes fuel and air together at the proper ratio to create combustion. If the carburetor becomes clogged or dirty and will not function properly, then it is time for a cleaning. Pick up some “Carburetor Cleaner” to clean out the parts, or replace the parts completely if they are damaged.

Air filter

An air filter will filter out debris and other contaminants before they reach the engine. If the filter becomes dirty or plugged it may be hard to start, or it may not start at all! To replace your air filter: remove the air filter cover, remove the old filter, and install your new part.

Some air filters such as foam or felt are able to be cleaned, but paper filters will need to be replaced each time.

Fuel Filter

The Fuel Filter will filter debris out of the fuel to help prevent the carburetor from plugging up. There are two common types of fuel filters: inline filters and in-tank filters. Replace or clean the filters once a year to keep your mower running smooth.

Spark Plug

If it is working properly, then a spark plug will create a spark in the cylinder which then ignites the air/fuel mixture. However, if the spark plug becomes damaged or corroded it may not work, causing the engine to run rough or not start at all. You can test or clean the spark plug, but with the low cost of spark plugs, it’s just as easy to simply replace them.

Recoil Starter

An engine isn’t able to start without a properly working recoil starter. If this part fails, you won’t be able to turn the engine over at all. To fix this, remove the recoil starter and check for damage or a broken spring. If there is any damage, it’ll need to be replaced.

No Gas or Bad Fuel

Check your lawnmower and make sure it has enough gas to run smoothly. If fuel has been left to sit in the mower for more than 30 days it’s a good idea to change it out. At that point, it becomes bad gas, which may damage the carburetor and fuel lines and lead to a lawnmower that isn’t able to start. Drain out the bad fuel, and replace it with fresh fuel.

These are what we have found to be the most important areas to check whenever your mower won’t start. If you want more information, or need some parts to make repairs check out our huge variety of lawn mower parts.

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