How to Take Apart Power Tools

How to Take Apart Power Tools

Please note that while this video demonstrates the process on a jigsaw, you can apply the same practices and principles when repairing most power tools.

A jigsaw may seem like a difficult tool to disassemble, but it’s actually fairly simple. The more difficult part is keeping everything organized, but thankfully we have a method for solving that as well.

You can watch our instructional video on this topic or if you prefer, read our full-text guide down below:


  • 2 Magnetic Part Trays
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Multi-Bit Screwdriver


Basic Overview

Before really digging in, you’re going to want to take a basic overview of your jigsaw. Check if there are any parts that could be easily removed before trying to remove the main shell. For example, the shoe of our jigsaw can be easily separated from the body by removing a single screw.

Back Off Each Screw

Next, it’s time to start working on the main body of the jigsaw. Go around, and loosen each screw but DON’T REMOVE THEM YET. You’re going to want to unscrew them enough that they become loose. Once you’re sure you’ve gotten every single one, try opening the main shell. It should start to crack open.

Remove the Screws (without making a mess)

To keep all the screws in order, we are going to follow a simple system. Lay down your jigsaw and pay attention to its orientation. As you remove each screw, you’re going to place them in the tray, following the general shape of the jigsaw.

For the outer shell, place the screws in the larger tray, and reserve the smaller tray for inner screws.

Now you can fully loosen and remove each screw, and place them in the magnetic trays. For this task, you can use your screwdriver to finish loosening each screw, and then your needle nose pliers (or magnet if you have one) to remove them from their hole.

Remove Cover

Once every screw is fully removed, gently separate the two halves of the jigsaw. Pay close attention for any areas that are still stuck together, or for any sounds that may indicate a part has fallen. You don’t want to lose any parts or break your saw.

And voila! Your jigsaw is now fully disassembled, and you are free to make any repairs or adjustments that you see fit. If you require some parts for your jigsaw to be repaired now that you have taken it apart, we carry a wide range of jigsaw parts. Happy repairing!

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