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How to Fix a Snowblower That Won't Throw Snow | DIY DIY Blog
How to Fix a Snowblower That Won’t Throw Snow

How to Fix a Snowblower That Won’t Throw Snow

Even if the engine is running properly, a snowblower that won’t throw snow obviously won’t help you get the job done. This can be a big problem if your sidewalks and driveway are covered in snow!

We’ll take you through some of the main causes of this symptom, as well as some of the most common parts that could malfunction and result in a snowblower that won’t throw snow.

Clogged or Broken Chute

One of the most common reasons a snowblower won’t throw snow is that the chute is clogged. This primarily occurs when the snow is wet and heavy, but it can also happen with a large volume of lighter snow. To unclog your chute, use the chute-cleaning tool that came with your snowblower, a broom handle also works in a pinch. For safety, always ensure your snowblower is off prior to unclogging the chute and do not use your hands to clear out the chute.

If you find that your chute is clogged due to it being broken or damaged, you will need a replacement snowblower chute.

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Auger Belt

In order for the augers to spin fast enough to lift the snow off the ground, your auger belt must be in good condition, free of any damage or wear.

Before inspecting your auger belt, we recommend removing the spark plug and draining the fuel tank to prevent damaging your machine. While the process will vary slightly from model to model, in order to inspect/replace the auger belt you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove the belt cover and roll the auger belt off the front engine pulley.
  2. Locate and gain access to the transmission by tilting the snowblower upwards and removing the plate covering the transmission.
  3. Loosen and remove the screw holding the belt on the auger pulley, then remove the auger spring from the brake bracket, and use a clamp on the drive lever to hold it down
  4. Remove the auger belt in order to inspect and/or replace it. Reverse this process to reinstall it.

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Friction/Drive Disk

Another reason your snowblower may not be throwing snow is a faulty or damaged drive disk. As with your auger belt, you should remove the spark plug and drain the fuel tank prior to beginning this inspection to prevent damaging your snowblower. To inspect/replace your drive disk:

  1. Tilt the snowblower upwards and remove the transmission cover.
  2. Remove the bolts on either side of the shaft and pull the shaft out.
  3. Remove the bolts attaching the disk to the assembly and slide it off the shaft. Reverse this process to reinstall it.

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Shear Pin

When your snowblower hits a large chunk of ice or a rock, the shear pin is designed to break immediately to prevent your snowblower from getting seriously damaged.

To see if your shear pin is broken or missing, slowly spin the auger around until you see the shear pin or an empty hole where it should go. We recommend keeping a few spare shear pins on hand as they are inexpensive and prevent you from having to shovel your driveway when one breaks.

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Auger Blades

The auger blades are responsible for scraping the snow off the ground and into the chute. A broken or damaged auger blade impacts how well the snow is moved into the chute and could be the reason your machine won’t throw snow.

Visually inspect your auger blades for any signs of cracking, discoloration, wear, or other damage. If any issues are found, they will need to be replaced.

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We hope this article will help you quickly diagnose why your snowblower stopped throwing snow so you can get yours working again! For more help diagnosing issues with your snowblower, check out our Repair Center with hundreds of articles and videos to help with your repairs!

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