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  Quick Fix: How to Sharpen the Blade on your Lawn Mower

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Finish Nailer Repair - Replacing the Driver Guide (Ridgid Part # 79004001022)

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Finish Nailer Repair - Replacing the Driver Guide (Ridgid Part # 79004001022)


Tools & Materials

  • Bench vise
  • File
  • Grinder
  • Shop rag
  • Socket wrench

Quick Fix: How to Sharpen the Blade on your Lawn Mower

Finish Nailer Repair - Replacing the Driver Guide (Ridgid Part # 79004001022)
The heat of the summer is officially upon us and if you're like many people including myself, maintaining your lawn can always be a hurdle in the hot temperatures. Make life easier on yourself by making sure your lawnmower blade is kept sharp. Not only does this take extra stress off the lawnmower engine, it also cuts the blades of grass evenly to prevent damage to your lawn.   Take a look at the steps for removing and installing the blade, along with three easy sharpening methods below.

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  Removing/Installing the blade: NOTE: For safety purposes, we recommend to always remove your lawn mowers spark plug before performing this repair. Learn how here.


1. Tilt the mower back to gain access to the blade

Make sure to tip the mower straight back to avoid fuel leaking out of the carburetor.



2. Remove the blade

Use a rag or cloth to hold the blade and loosen the bolt holding the blade to the undercarriage of the mower.


3. Reinstall the blade 

You'll want to make sure your blade is balanced properly after sharpening. To do this, clamp a nail horizontally in the vise and set the center hole of the blade over the nail. If the blade leans one direction you will need to file the heavier side down til it is balanced evenly. 


Once balanced, install the blade the same way it was removed -- lean the mower straight back, and fasten the blade back to the mower using the bolt.

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  Three methods for sharpening the blade:

1. Using a file

Clamp the blade in a vise to secure it for filing. Start filing downward on the edge, making sure to only file on the downward stroke to avoid the blade from dulling. The blade is ready to reinstall on the mower once all of the nicks have been removed and is sharp to the touch.  


2. Using a bench grinder

Hold the blade against the wheel and move it horizontally, while trying to match the original angle of the blade.


3. Using a handheld grinder

Clamp the blade into a vise to secure it. Take the handheld grinder and draw it across the wheel while matching the existing angle of the blade.  

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  Conclusion: Following the steps in this article will teach you the easy methods to keep your lawnmower in top condition without purchasing any new parts. With only a few basic tools anyone can perform this repair in thirty minutes or less.     Find repair parts for all of your lawn equipment needs here.
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