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Repair Center  Quick Fix: How to Replace the Platen on a Belt Sander

Why Read This Article?

  • Learn to replace the platen on your belt sander. 

Article Breakdown

Repair Information:
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 5-10 minutes
Frequency: As needed Replacing the Platen:
1. Remove the belt.
2. Remove the platen.
3. Install the new platen.
4. Replace the belt.


Tools & Materials

  • Magnetized screwdriver
  • Open-ended wrench

Quick Fix: How to Replace the Platen on a Belt Sander

Replacing the platen on a belt sander is a straightforward repair, but getting the fasteners back in place can be tricky. Read this article to learn a handy trick to make re-installing the platen easier. 
The platen on your belt sander helps guide the belt. If it warps or breaks, you will want to replace it so you can continue getting great sanding results. This article explains the steps needed to replace the platen.

We used a Porter Cable belt sander for this repair. To find the right parts for your Porter Cable tools, visit our Porter Cable parts page. For other power tool parts, visit our power tool parts locator. 
Replacing the Platen

1. Remove the belt

Release the tension on the belt and remove it from the sander.


2. Remove the platen

Use an open-ended wrench and a screwdriver to remove the two fasteners from the platen.


3. Install the new platen

Position the new platen and thread the bolts to keep it in place.

Holding the nuts in place can be especially tricky thanks to some very tight spacing. Use a magnetized screwdriver to hold the nut in position, then tighten the fasteners.


4. Replace the belt

Now all you have to do is replace the belt, and your new platen is ready to go.

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And that's how you can replace your belt sander's platen in about five minutes. This easy repair will save you a lot of money compared to a repair shop.  Remember to find all the OEM power tool parts made for your tools using our power tool parts finder.    [Back to Top] What We're About
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