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Why Read This Article?

  • Easy bandsaw tire replacement.
  • Steps for loosening a new tire.

Article Breakdown

  • Many bandsaw tires appear too small when they are new.
  • First, ensure that the tire matches the saw model.
If stretching the tire does not make it more flexible, try the following steps: Steps for Heating a BandSaw Tire

1.  Remove the old tire with a flat head screwdriver.

2. Heat the new bandsaw tire.

3. Pry the new tire onto the wheel.

    If the tire is still not flexible enough, repeat these steps and heat it longer.


    Tools & Materials

    • flat head screwdriver
    • gloves

    Safety Guidelines

    • Make sure to wear gloves if the heated tire is too hot to handle.

    Bandsaw Tire Replacement

    This article gives step-by-step instructions to loosen new bandsaw tires for easier installation.
    To install a new bandsaw tire, sometimes all it takes is just a little prying to get it onto the blade wheel.  However, new bandsaw tires tend to be very stiff, and they often appear to be too small for their bandsaw at first.

    New Bandsaw Tire Fit It never hurts to double check that you've purchased the correct tire for your bandsaw, but chances are that it will still appear very small even if it's the right one.
    We explain a trick to make this repair an easy one.   Steps to Replace a Bandsaw Tire
      1.  Remove the old tire with a flat head screwdriver.

    The old tire will be nice and stretched out, so removing it from the wheel with a flat head screwdriver should be easy.

    Pry the Old Tire Off [Back to top]
      2. Heat the new bandsaw tire.

    Use this step if your new bandsaw tire is too tight to pry onto the wheel.

    If it's possible to install the new tire without heating it, move on to step three.

    Heat the New Tire

    In the case of tightly-fitting bandsaw tires, try heating the tire to make it more flexible.

    Running the new tire under warm or hot water will often make it flexible enough to pry onto the wheel.

    In some cases, the tire may need to be submerged under hot water for several minutes. [Back to top]
      3. Pry the new tire onto the wheel.

    If you had to heat your tire before this step, you'll want to get it onto the wheel quickly so that it does not cool and lose its flexibility.

    Pry the New Tire onto the Wheel

    Place the tire over the top of the wheel and pry it onto the rest of the way by hand.

      Even when heating the tire, it still may take some effort to install it on the saw, so be prepared to use some elbow grease.
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        Conclusion If you're looking to replace your bandsaw's tire, you can begin your search on our Home Page or by using the "Model Number Search" at the top of this page. Also, visit our Bandsaw Parts page for all the replacement parts you need, including new bandsaw tires. Please take advantage of our repair forum and discussion boards for any additional pointers. We hope the tips and advice in this article help you with your repair!
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