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The Science of Pour-Over Coffee

The Science of Pour-Over Coffee

As coffee continues to skyrocket in popularity, brewers are trying to edge out the myriad of competition by brewing the best cup. The result is that different methods, which by design produce a different reaction in the coffee when brewed, are being explored. One of these methods, pour over coffee, was actually invented back in 1908 by a German entrepreneur named Melitta Bentz. It fell from grace when the French press method came on the scene, but it’s resurgence in popularity means that it may have been overlooked too soon.

Pour over coffee does take a bit of effort to produce, with each cup taking about four minutes to brew. But for a true coffee lover, it’s a fun process because each step is very controlled, allowing you to experiment along the way. Those who find most blends of coffee to be too bitter will enjoy a cup of pour over coffee, as the process eliminates much of the bitter taste.

If you don’t wish to invest the time in brewing pour over coffee yourself, you can still enjoy it by seeking out cafes that make their coffee this way. After all, with the brewing boom well underway and the race to make the best cup, the clear winner is the customer! Read on for instructions on how to make pour over coffee.

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