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Repair Center  How to Replace the Ignition Module on a Ryobi Handheld Gas Blower

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Finish Nailer Repair - Replacing the Driver Guide (Ridgid Part # 79004001022)

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Finish Nailer Repair - Replacing the Driver Guide (Ridgid Part # 79004001022)


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Fix Factor: Easy Duration: 20-30 minutes Frequency: As necessary Tools Required: Socket wrench set, Phillip's screwdriver, hex drivers, long-nosed pliers, ignition gapping gauge

How to Replace the Ignition Module on a Ryobi Handheld Gas Blower

Finish Nailer Repair - Replacing the Driver Guide (Ridgid Part # 79004001022)
Replacing the ignition coil on a Ryobi handheld gas blower The Facts

If falling leaves and a broken blower are threatening to bury you beneath a pile of debt and debris, it's time to face the fix. Whether you are a seasonal garden enthusiast or a seasoned landscape professional, provides the parts, procedures and facts you need to fearlessly fix what fails you.

The ignition module is responsible for generating electricity, which it then transfers to the spark plug. Without electricity, there can be no spark, and hence; no internal combustion. While there are various reasons for ignition module failure, the primary symptoms usually manifest in the form of extreme difficulty starting your blower, and eventually, a no-start condition.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for removing and installing the ignition module on a Ryobi handheld trimmer. Let's get started.   The Facts REMOVING THE IGNITION MODULE [top]  1. Remove the blower tube.

Twist and pull the tube away from the blower.

remove the blower tube       2. Remove the side housing from the blower.

Remove the two screws securing the base extension to the housing.

remove the base extension



Remove the base extension from the housing.

remove the base extension



Remove the screws securing the side housing.

remove the base extension



Separate the side housing from the main assembly.

remove the side housing       3. (Preparing to) Remove the fan.

FIX TRIX: You will discover that rotating the nut causes the fan and the motor shaft to rotate concurrently, precluding your ability to loosen the nut from the shaft. This obstacle can be overcome by removing the spark plug and binding the cylinder with a short length of starter rope.

removing the fan from ryobi gas blower       4. Remove the spark plug.

Using a spark plug boot puller tool, remove the spark plug boot.

remove the spark plug boot



Use a ratchet wrench to unscrew the spark plug; remove the spark plug.

remove the spark plug       5. Bind the cylinder.

Thread a short length of starter rope into the cylinder to fill the space between the top of the piston and the top of the cylinder. This will prevent the piston (and motor) from moving during removal of the fan.

bind the cylinderr       6. Remove the fan.

Remove the nut holding the fan on the motor shaft; remove the washer.

remove the fan



Remove the fan.

remove the fan       7. Remove the air filter cover and side cover.

Unscrew the retaining bolt and pull gently to remove the air filter cover.

remove the air filter cover



Remove the retaining screws and remove the side cover from the blower.

remove the engine cover       8. Remove the throttle cable from the carburetor.

Retract the throttle arm slightly to create slack in the throttle cable; remove the cable from the carburetor assembly.

remove the throttle cable       9. Remove the remaining half of housing from the engine assembly.

Remove the screws securing the housing to the engine.

remove the side housing



Separate the housing from the engine assembly. Note the position of the spacer tube and washer on the engine shaft, as these may slide readily from the assembly.

remove the side housing       10. Remove the ignition module wires.

Using long-nosed pliers, disconnect the (black) ignition wire from the wire terminal.

Remove the wire



Extract the screw connecting the (red) ignition wire to the top of the ignition module.

Remove the screw



Disconnect the red wire from the module.

Remove the red wire



  11. Remove the ignition module.

Remove the screw securing the ignition module to the engine.

remove the screw



Remove the ignition coil from the engine.

remove the coil



  INSTALLING THE NEW IGNITION MODULE [top] 12. Install the new ignition module.

SPECIFIX: There are two magnets located on the side of the flywheel, which must be aligned with the base of the ignition module. Rotate the flywheel to adjust the position of the magnets.

magnet alignment



Set the ignition module in place – ensuring alignment with the magnets on the flywheel.

install the module



Install (but DO NOT TIGHTEN fully) the mounting screw removed in step 11.

install screw



  13. Install the red ignition wire.

Insert (but DO NOT TIGHTEN fully) the second screw through the eyelet of the red ignition wire and through the ignition module into the engine.

insert red wire



  14. Set the gap between the ignition module and the flywheel.

FIX TRIX: An ignition gapping gauge is recommended to accurately complete this step. However, if you do not have an ignition gapping gauge (measuring .014 inches or .35mm) it is generally acceptable to use one (1) thick business card or two (2) thin business cards as substitutes.

Set the gap



Pull the ignition module away from the magnets on the flywheel and insert the gapping gauge between them.

open the gap



With the gauge still in place, securely tighten both of the mounting screws.

tighten the screws



Remove the gapping gauge.

Remove the gauge



  15. Reinstall the black ignition wire.

Using long-nosed pliers, reinstall the black ignition wire to the wire terminal on the ignition module.




    REASSEMBLING THE UNIT [top]  16. Reinstall the engine housing.

Side the washer over the motor shaft and seat it into the flywheel recess.

install washer over motor shaft



Align the housing above the motor shaft and slide it into position. (Ensure that the spark plug connector is not obstructed or pinched by the housing.)

install the engine housing



Secure the housing to the engine with the screws.

install the engine housing



Slide the spacer tube onto the motor shaft.

install the engine housing       17. Reinstall the motor housing (side cover).

Install the motor housing and secure it with the screws removed earlier.

install the motor housing       18. Reinstall the throttle cable.

Retract the throttle arm slightly and – using long-nosed pliers – install the throttle cable into the attachment recess.

install the throttle cable       19. Reinstall the air filter cover.

Position and seat the air filter gasket; align and secure the air filter cover.

install the air filter cover       20. Reinstall the impeller (fan).

Slide the first of the two large washers over the motor shaft beneath the impeller.

install the impeller



Install the impeller onto the motor shaft and place the second large washer into position above of the impeller.

install the impeller



Install and securely tighten the impeller retaining nut using a ratchet wrench.

install the impeller       21. Reinstall the spark plug.

Remove the temporary binding rope from the cylinder.

Remove the binding rope



Install the spark plug and reattach the connecting end-cap.

install the spark plug       22. Reinstall the side (fan) housing.

Align the fan housing with the holes in the main assembly. The two halves should snap together when properly aligned.

install the housing



Secure the fan housing with the screws.

Install the housing       23. Reinstall the base extension.

Slide the base extension back into the housing and secure it with the screws.

Install the base extension       24. Reinstall the blower tube.

Slide the blower tube onto the main assembly and twist it to secure it in position.

Install the blower tube   The Facts You can't place a value on a job well done; unless you did it yourself. (Which you just did.) Now you can place the value right back into your own pocket. Or back into your business. Not only did you restore blower functionality at a fraction of the cost of replacement; you have blown away all doubts about your ability to fearlessly face the next fix, whatever it may be.

Find your next fix here.   [top]

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