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Repair Center  How to Replace the Carbon Motor Brushes on a DeWALT Drill

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FOLLOW-AND-FIX: Step-by-step instructions and illustrations walk you through the entire repair process. SKILLS BEYOND DRILLS: Expand your knowledge about related components while fixing your drill. RESTORING BORING: Restore hole-boring capability at a fraction of the cost of offsite repair. MORE DRILLING. LESS BILLING: Drill holes without buying whole drills.

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Removing the Motor Brushes 1. Remove the battery. 2. Remove the end cap. 3. Remove the motor brushes. Installing the New Motor Brushes 4. Install the motor brushes. Reassembling the Unit 5. Reinstall the end cap. 6. Reinstall the battery.


Tools & Materials

Fix Factor: Easy Duration: 10 minutes Frequency: As necessary Tools Required: Torx driver, long-nosed pliers, screwdriver Part #: 603754-01

How to Replace the Carbon Motor Brushes on a DeWALT Drill

Fixing things makes sense. This article will help you make sense of replacing the motor brushes and holders (brush boxes) on a DeWALT cordless hammer drill.
Replacing the carbon brushes on a DeWalt cordless drill The Facts

Motor brushes worn out? It's time to face the fix. Whether you are a master carpenter or an occasional drill-seeker, provides the parts, procedures and facts you need to fearlessly fix what fails you.

The motor inside your DeWALT cordless drill has two separate carbon brush assemblies: one on each side of the motor. The brushes transfer electricity to the motor's spinning armature. Because they're made of carbon, motor brushes will eventually wear down, and will need to be replaced.

Common signs that your motor brush assemblies need to be replaced are excessive sparks coming from the brush area of the motor. Also, if you pull the trigger on your drill, but the motor doesn't turn on, the brush assemblies are likely in need of replacement.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for removing and installing the carbon motor brush assemblies on a DeWALT cordless hammer drill.

Let's get started. The Fix   REMOVING THE MOTOR BRUSHES [top] 1. Remove the battery.

Remove the battery from the drill.

Remove the battery



  2. Remove the end cap.

Remove the (4) screws from the end cap.

Remove the screws



Remove the end cap from the drill.

Remove the end cap



  3. Remove the motor brush assemblies.

Disconnect the wire lead from the terminal on the brush box.

 Disconnect the brush leads



Use a screwdriver to gently pry the brush box out of the motor housing.

 Pry the holder



Remove the brush assembly from the motor (use pliers as necessary).

 Remove the brush assembly



Repeat this step to remove the brush assembly on the opposite side of the motor.




  INSTALLING THE NEW MOTOR BRUSHES [top] 4. Install the motor brush assemblies.

Align the tab on the new brush assembly with the slot on the motor housing.

 Align the brush holder



Press firmly on the brush assembly to seat it within the motor housing.

 Press the holder into the socket



Reconnect the wire lead to the terminal on the new brush assembly.

 Reconnect the wire lead



Secure the wire in the retaining clip on the back of the motor housing.

 Clip the wires



Repeat this step to install the brush assembly on the opposite side of the motor.




  REASSEMBLING THE UNIT [top] 5. Reinstall the end cap.

Install the end cap.

Install end cap



Secure the end cap with the (4) screws.

Secure the end cap



  6. Reinstall the battery.

Install the battery.

18v battery on a DeWALT cordless drill

  The Finish

As you just learned, fixing things yourself means more drilling with less billing. Hopefully, this article has restored your ability to drill holes without replacing your whole drill. And that's just the tip of the bit. Our online repair guides can help expand your skills far beyond drills; empowering you to face power tool problems whenever they arise; and to fearlessly fix whatever fails you.

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