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Toaster Repair

The toaster may be small and simple, but they tend to malfunction a lot more than other small appliances. They are built rather economically and are typically a well-used item in the kitchen. Rather than throwing it out, use our guide to fix the problem, it might be a super easy fix that takes no time at all. First, select the symptom that applies to your toaster, then use our tips on how to locate the part that needs to be replaced. Once you have the part narrowed down, our instructions will guide you through your own DIY Repair.

Controls or buttons don't work right
Reported 31% of the time
If the controls or buttons don't work right on your toaster, it is likely either the knob or control board. Consider doing your own DIY repair, sparing yourself the cost of a new appliance. Use our guide to help troubleshoot the symptom and get your toaster working perfectly again. Reference your owner's manual for advice tailored to your model.
Won't turn on
Reported 20% of the time
If your toaster won't turn on, don't throw it out just yet. Spare the environment, and try fixing it yourself, it's easier than you might think. Start with checking the following parts: the fuse, element, and control board. Use our guide to help you through a DIY repair.
Burnt or electrical smell
Reported 19% of the time
If you smell a burnt or electrical smell coming for your toaster, it might be time for a repair. The most common parts that cause this symptom are the pan, rack, element, and control board. Once you have inspected these parts for damage or signs of malfunction, read our troubleshooting guide for tips on how to diagnose the problem and get your toaster back to running efficiently again. If specific instructions are required for your model, refer to your owner's manual.
Doesn't heat
Reported 14% of the time
If your toaster doesn't heat, this can be frustrating, but don't throw out your appliance just yet. Use our symptom and repair guide to help determine what is causing the issue and learn how you can fix it on your own. Our experts have narrowed down the most common parts that malfunction and cause this problem to the following parts: the heating element, fuse, control board, and thermostat.
Bread doesn't stay down in toaster
Reported 7% of the time
If the bread doesn't stay down in your toaster, this can be fixed. Check the switch, knob, controller, thermostat, and fuse. Use our guide to help determine which one of these common parts is the culprit. Our troubleshooting advice is here to help walk you through your own DIY repair, saving you on having to buy a new appliance. Refer to your owner's manual for advice specific to your model.
Toasts too much or not enough
Reported 4% of the time
If your toaster is toasting too much or not enough, a repair is needed. Inspect the control board and thermostat for signs of damage. Once you have figured out the part that needs to be replaced, use our troubleshooting guide to help fix the problem yourself. Knowing you have saved money and the environment is much more satisfying than purchasing a new appliance.
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