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Design Tips to Sell Your House Quicker – DIY Blog
Design Tips to Sell Your House Quicker

Design Tips to Sell Your House Quicker

It is a testament to the power of first impressions that a purchase as large as a house can be made because of small details that cost a fraction of the total. But these little details, like replacing outlet covers throughout your home, signal to prospective buyers that your house was well taken care of during your time in it. Read our guide to making the kind of changes that will grant you a huge return on your investment, in terms of selling your home quickly!

The transformation starts at your doorstep; we recommend updating fixtures like your address number, doormat, porch light, and any door hardware. You may find that the current state of your doorstep is in great shape, or simply needs a scrubbing, but it is important to check it over with the gimlet eye of a home buyer.

Some of the suggestions in our infographic below may seems counterintuitive, like de-cluttering your closet. Who cares if your closet is overstuffed? The new owners will be bringing their own belongings. But these suggestions are all of a piece with creating a vision for the owners – one that allows them to picture themselves living a clean, comfortable life in your former home. Read on for more suggestions!

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