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Screw - 710-04484:MTD 360 View
Screw - 710-04484:MTDScrew - 710-04484:MTDScrew - 710-04484:MTDScrew - 710-04484:MTDScrew - 710-04484:MTD 360 ViewScrew - 710-04484:MTD

Screw 710-04484

Part Number: 710-04484
MTDYard MachinesTroy-BiltBolensYard ManCraftsmanCub CadetHuskyMurray
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 01008620.

Product Information
  • 5/16-18, .750
This is a genuine manufacturer approved replacement part is specially produced for use with lawn and garden equipment. This is a standard hardware which has multiple applications based on your unit. Please make sure to check appropriate diagrams for correct location and application of this screw. This screw is made out of metal and it is sold individually. To remove or install this screw you would need a wrench.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Yard Machines
13AM772F000 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AN772G000 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AN772G200 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AA625P004 (2009) Lawn Tractor
13AJ771G004 (2009) Lawn Tractor
13AJ795G004 (2009) Lawn Tractor
13AL771H004 (2009) Lawn Tractor
13AL795H004 (2009) Lawn Tractor
13AA625P004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AJ771G004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AJ771G204 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AJ795G004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AJ795G204 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AL771H004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AL795H004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
24BF510B004 (2008) Log Splitter
24BF510E204 (2008) Log Splitter
24BF570F204 (2008) Log Splitter
24BF570L004 (2008) Log Splitter
17AE2ACG004 (2009) 17-Z-Series
17AF2ACP004 (2009) 17-Z-Series
31AH5ZLH704 (2008) Snowblower
31AH6ZLG704 (2008) Snowblower
31AM62KE704 (2008) Snowblower
31AM63LF704 (2008) Snowblower
14AA815K004 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K004 (2008) Garden Tractor
31AE5KLF795 (2007) Snow Thrower
31AE5MLH795 (2007) Snow Thrower
31AE6GFF795 (2007) Snow Thrower
13AC762F304 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F372 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F401 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F720 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F730 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F301 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F709 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F371 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F307 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F513 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F713 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F382 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F121 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F205 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F705 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F706 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F026 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F726 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F054 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F745 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F754 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F704 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F029 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F229 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F134 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F138 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F729 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F929 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F129 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F151 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F206 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F308 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F033 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F019 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F057 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F118 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F131 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F022 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F722 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F002 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F715 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F077 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F977 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F777 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F724 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F105 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F009 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F016 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F145 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F196 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F719 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F098 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F304 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F372 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F401 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F720 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F730 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F301 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F709 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F371 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F307 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F513 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F713 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F382 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F121 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F205 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F705 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F706 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F026 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F726 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F054 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F745 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F754 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F704 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F029 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F229 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F134 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F138 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F729 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F929 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F129 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F151 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F206 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F308 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F033 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F019 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F057 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F118 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F131 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F022 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F722 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F002 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F715 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F077 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F977 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F777 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F724 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F105 (2008) Lawn Tractor
Yard Man
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Lawn Tractor
  • • Log Splitter
  • • Snowblower

Questions & Answers for Screw

is this compatable with DR SP22 mower part #32534 screw, self tapping #10 screw
Gilbert asked on 2022-04-22
Hello Gilbert, thank you for your question. We have researched the model you have provided, and part number 32534 is the correct part for your unit. If you need help placing an order, our customer service is open 7 days a week. Please feel free to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!
eReplacementParts Team April 22, 2022
Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Screw - 710-04484
Nut-flange Lk.nylo - 712-04065
Screw-shoulder .62 - 738-04267
Screen-bagger Cvr - 731-06504
Strap-chute - 723-04008A
Screw-hex 3/8-16 X - 710-0216
Bracket Bagar Mtg - 783-05889A-0637
Bracket Bagar Mtg - 783-05890A-0637
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
More than 2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set, Adjustable Wrench
Lost the hardware needed to attach the leaf bagger to the mower
Had to attach the new parts to the mower in order to get the leaf bagger on.
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Casing Clamp - 751B221535
Screw - 710-04484
Screw-hex Wash Sf - 710-0599
Screw-b 10-16 X .6 - 710-04669
Brake Asm-deck - 983-04511
Brake Asm-deck - 983-04525
Bracket-idler Pivot - 783-05946
Cover-deck Belt - 731-06496
Rod-belt Keeper - 747-05011
Brake Rod - 747-05052A
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Power Drill, Socket set, Wrench Set, Nutdriver, Adjustable Wrench
Rebuilt mower deck
Stripped down deck, replaced all parts, pulleys, spindles, blades, guards, guides, belt, brakes, drilled an retapped belt guard holes. All parts from ereplacementparts worked perfect. Thank you
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Spdl Asm-pulley & - 918-04125C
Screw - 710-04484
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Socket set
Deck Spindle worn out
1. Removed blade
2. Disassembled belt and pulley.
3. Removed four bolts from deck spindle.
4. Replaced deck spindle with new bolts.
5. Reassembled belt and pulley.
6. Replaced blade.
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1 of 3 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Lawn Mower
Parts Used:
Screw - 710-04484
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Wrench Set, Nutdriver, Adjustable Wrench
The metal tabs holding the belt cover has rusted and tore.
1. Removed old rusted screws.
2. Removed broken metal pieces.
3. Remove old belt pulley cover.
4. Positioned new pulley cover on mower.
4. Screwed screws into place.
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  • Replacing lost screw
    Received the screws as expected. No issues. Except the screw hole I'm trying to fix is stripped out. Blaaa. The service and shipping time from you were great, no issues there. If I need more parts, I'll be back.
    Charles - February 13, 2023 Verified Purchase
    Dependable! Reliable!
    The belt keeper arrived timely and works great. Thanks for your great service.
    Guest - August 6, 2021 Verified Purchase
    Just want I wanted
    It arrived quicker than I thought
    Guest - July 3, 2020 Verified Purchase
    Just the part I needed!!!
    The part is what i needed snowblower working good again.
    Guest - February 13, 2020 Verified Purchase
    Exactly what we needed.
    Guest - November 21, 2019 Verified Purchase
    The perfect part
    The perfect part
    Guest - August 7, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Worked as advertises. It's a bolt
    Guest - June 17, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Working mower again
    Parts arrived fast and right so mower is up and running again thanks rad
    roy - May 3, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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