Vegetables and Herbs That Thrive in the Shade

Vegetables and Herbs That Thrive in the Shade

Knowing which herbs will flourish in the shade can really come in handy, especially if you are working with a limited gardening space, like an apartment balcony that doesn’t get direct sunlight. Even if you have many acres on which to garden, you still may want to place herbs in shady areas, and it is crucial to know which ones will be handle it.

In our infographic below, find out which herbs and plants will do best with limited sunlight, including roots like ginger and ginseng. Our guide has a comprehensive list of which herbs thrive in the shade, including their grow zones, size, planting characteristics, and uses. Herbs that make good cooking ingredients such as cilantro, dill, and rosemary tend to thrive in the shade, as well as herbs used to brew teas such as lemon balm and even catnip, which isn’t just for cats!

We also have tips for making sure your shade-loving herbs flourish. Shady herbs tend to grow tall, so be sure to give them adequate growing space and support. Keep in mind that herbs that grow in the shade tend to prefer moist, humus-rich soil. Read the rest of our tips and then get ready to start planting!

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