10 Ways to Make Gourmet Avocado Toast

10 Ways to Make Gourmet Avocado Toast

Somewhere between green smoothies and eggless baking, avocado toast was born. These days, it has become more a staple than a trend. But who’s complaining? This combination is ridiculously easy to make. It is also jam-packed with healthy fats thanks to the avocado. Furthermore, it is creamy, rich, and full of flavor. Butter who?

Toast has never been the same since avocado’s reign began. And while nothing beats the simplicity of mashed avocado, there is a lot of room for customization. Look at it like a canvas, ready for your favorite fixings. You might be surprised at how easy it is to make gourmet avocado toast.

Of course, before you can start working on these (and your own) gourmet avocado toast creations, it pays to quickly refresh ourselves on the quickest and easiest ways to get into an avocado, remove the stone, and prepare it for toast. It might seem elementary, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who approach cutting avocado the wrong way, and if you don’t know how, you shouldn’t’ feel embarrassed. View our graphic below for the steps involved. You’ll note the graphic suggests either slicing or mashing the avocado before applying it to your toast. This is purely a personal preference. Some like their avocado mashed and smashed, some prefer it dainty and sliced. There’s no right or wrong answer here. Similarly, we suggest lemon, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and chili flakes below, but there are no limitations to seasoning. Season your avocado with the flavors you like most!

10 Ways to Make Gourmet Avocado Toast - Preparing Your Avocado

To spark some inspiration, here is a list of ten non-traditional ideas. Feel free to use these ideas as a springboard for your own creations. Avocado toast knows no boundaries – and neither should you! We’ve created a graphic that contains several of these choices, to give you an idea of what they will look like on your plate. But don’t let this list be the be all and end all of avocado toast possibilities. Instead, consider it a starting point; a place to find inspiration. The true list of avocado toast combinations is endless!

1. Eggs Benedict

For a hip take on a traditional American brunch, make Eggs Benedict avocado toast. Toppings call for Canadian bacon (or your favorite kind), poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. Make it even more authentic by using toasted English muffins for the base.

If you’ve never poached an egg before, don’t worry. It’s actually pretty easy! Start with a pot of water. About two to three inches should do the trick. Add a splash of lemon juice or vinegar to boost the acidity; this will help the eggs stay intact. Heat the water to a rolling boil, then bring it back down to a simmer. Add the eggs with a metal measuring cup or ladle. After five minutes, scoop them out and serve.

2. Goat Cheese + Chives

If you love the creaminess of avocado, you’ll adore the richness of goat cheese. To combine the two, add chunks of goat cheese to avocado toast. You can also swirl softened goat cheese with mashed avocado for a mouthwatering marbled effect. Complement the dish with a pinch of chives.

The best part? Goat cheese is more tolerable than most cheese for people with lactose intolerance. However, it is still jam-packed with calcium.

3. Tomato + Mozzarella + Basil

Fans of classic Italian food will adore this refreshing combination. To make it, simply add tomato slices and fresh mozzarella to avocado toast. Small cherry tomatoes work best. Top it off with fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil. Enhance the Italian vibe by using thin slices of ciabatta bread for the toast.

4. Goat Cheese + Pomegranate Seeds

Goat cheese is an amazing complement for sweet flavors. On avocado toast, its rich, tangy taste can really take things up a notch. It can be added in chunks or swirled into mashed avocado (brie would also work amazingly here). Finish it off with a handful of vibrant pomegranate seeds; your taste buds will love it.

5. Salsa + Corn + Cheese

Turn your love for Mexican food into a fancy avocado toast. Start with a layer of your favorite salsa – any kind will do. You can even use mango or peach salsa for a fun summer twist. Add a spoonful of corn followed by a layer of grated cheese. Cheddar works best, but use what you love or have on hand. If you would like, add a dash of taco seasoning and lime juice. The result is one big tasty nacho.

10 Ways to Make Gourmet Avocado Toast - 5 Types of Avocado Toast

6. Quail Eggs + Tomato + Parsley + Sunflower Seeds

Nothing says “gourmet” quite like quail eggs. These delicate and delicious eggs are a little more difficult to source, but will be worth it for the taste. Of course, if sourcing quail eggs is too tricky or bothersome, regular hen eggs will work just fine here. Eggs and tomato pair perfectly in many breakfast combinations, but the magic here is in the texture of the sunflower seeds and the sharp freshness of the flat-leaf parsley (fresh, not dried!).

7. Cream Cheese + Manzanilla Olives + Tomato + Herbs

This combination will give avocado toast a delicious Mediterranean spin. Marinated olives and tomatoes are a must, especially if you want to bulk it up. For easy serving, chop up olives, into small cubes. For added flavor, finish it off with oregano, dill, or mint. Toasted pita bread or flat bread can be used as the base.

8. Blueberries + Spinach + Lime + Sea Salt

If you’re looking to get the best nutritional bang for your buck in an avocado toast combination, look no further than this. Blueberries. Spinach. Avocado. Need we say more? The added bonus is that this vitamin-packed combo tastes great. The acidity of the lime juice will cut through and complement the creamy avocado, while the spinach and blueberries will provide texture and added flavor. Yum!

9. Mango + Red Cabbage + Lemon

Mango and lemon can add a summery touch to any meal, and avocado toast is no exception. This idea calls for mango slices, chopped red cabbage and fresh lemon (plus the zest, if you’re feeling particularly, well, zesty). Complementary spices include ground black pepper, basil, and cilantro. You can also prepare a mango relish ahead of time. It is a deliciously easy way to up your daily fruit intake, and the colors are spectacular!

10. Crab Meat + Corn + Chipotle Powder

Inspired by the notes of Caribbean cuisine, this arrangement is full of personality. Imitation crab meat is perfectly fine if you don’t have access to fresh crab. It’s easy to find and budget-friendly. To make this version, mix chunks of crab meat with corn and chipotle powder. Cayenne pepper, mint, and cilantro are also excellent choices.

This list is just the beginning. Look for inspiration in your favorite meals and dishes. By using unconventional ingredients that you know and love, gourmet avocado toast will just be a slice away.

10 Ways to Make Gourmet Avocado Toast - Capturing the Ripe Window

No article on avocados would be complete without some hacks on how to capture the elusive “ripe window”. We’ve all been there; an avocado is too hard to use on toast one day, and then overnight it’s brown and overripe and unusable. It borders on criminal neglect to allow a good avocado to go to waste, so before we send you out into the world to make your own avocado toast combinations (and the ones we’ve suggested), we thought it imperative to create the illustration above, to show you how to buy, store, and preserve the ripe window of avocados for longer.

Happy shopping, slicing, mashing, and toasting!

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10 Ways to Make Gourmet Avocado Toast
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