Everything You Need to Know About Your Oven

Everything You Need to Know About Your Oven

The oven serves as the cornerstone appliance in any kitchen. It is quite simple to use, but there are always more tips and tricks to learn about how to use this appliance more efficiently, for better cooking results. Like turning off the oven a few minutes before your food is due to be cooked and using the remaining heat to finish the job. Read our infographic below for lots of information on your faithful kitchen servant!

For example, if you’re cooking a large dinner for a group and need to put multiple items in the oven at once, that’s fine! Simply adjust the temperature to a mid-point between the two separate cooking temperatures if they are about 50 degrees apart. Or, if the temperatures required are vastly different, start with the highest one and turn the oven down as time goes by.

The self-cleaning feature that many ovens have has often been touted as a time-saver, but it could be doing damage as well. The high temperatures involved can do damage to the fuses and electrical components. Instead, try a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to get the interior of your oven spotless. Follow the directions below for an overnight cleaning session. And for those with gas ovens, we’ve got you covered as well with a tried-and-tested cleaning method!

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