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Decoding Diets: Which Lifestyle Is For You? | | DIY DIY Blog
Decoding Diets: Which Lifestyle Is For You?

Decoding Diets: Which Lifestyle Is For You?

Picking a diet can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of different types, and the misinformation surrounding each. A few trend diets gain attention each year, and are usually just a variation on the same theme. These fad diets are often so extreme in nature that they become unsustainable after a short period of time.

The key to sticking to a diet plan successfully is selecting the right one for your lifestyle. Your motivating factors for wanting to adapt your diet should determine which one you choose. Reasons for choosing a diet plan in the first place can be as varied as wanting to eat healthier or to lose weight, training for a fitness event, or trying to eat local, simple food. The diets we describe in this infographic align with a variety of these motivating factors. For example, the ketogenic diet is low-carb, and is often employed by bodybuilders attempting to achieve a certain look before competitions. If you’re looking to simply eat healthier, it is not necessary to conform to such a strict low-carb diet, since restricting yourself in that manner will likely lead to disregarding the diet completely. Instead, try the anti-inflammatory diet, which is a variation on Mediterranean-style eating. This diet has is known as being one of the most “lifestyle friendly,” meaning it isn’t difficult to adapt to and sustain over long periods of time.

The best diets aren’t about restrictions: they’re about finding new ways to enjoy healthy foods!

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