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Belt, Timing (84hu6 G-200) - 14400-Z8B-003:Honda 360 View
Belt, Timing (84hu6 G-200) - 14400-Z8B-003:HondaBelt, Timing (84hu6 G-200) - 14400-Z8B-003:HondaBelt, Timing (84hu6 G-200) - 14400-Z8B-003:Honda 360 View

Belt,​​ Timing (84hu6 G-200) 14400-Z8B-003

Part Number: 14400-Z8B-003
HondaToroLawn Boy
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 14400-Z0J-014 (Serial# (1000001-9999999)) and 14400-Z0J-014.

Product Information
This is an authentic Honda replacement part that has been OEM sourced to ensure a high-level of quality. The timing belt is intended to be used with small engines. This used to link the crankshaft and the camshaft pulley to ensure the two parts rotate in unison. This item is available as an individual replacement part. A socket ratchet set, wrench set, torque wrench, flat-head screwdriver, small nose pliers, tubing clamps are some tools that may be needed to install the belt.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GC160A (Type DEAF)(VIN# GCAHA-8000001) Small Engine
GC160A (Type DHAF)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type MEA2)(VIN# GCAHA-8000001-9999999) Small Engine
GC160A (Type MHA2)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type PHA)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type QBC)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type QDE)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type QEA)(VIN# GCAHA-8000001) Small Engine
GC160A (Type QHA)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type QHA1)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type QHA2)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type QHAF)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type QHAJ)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type VHA)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160A (Type VXA)(VIN# GCAHA-1000001-3599749) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type DHAF)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type MHA2)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type MHAB)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type QHA1)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type QHA2)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type QHAF)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type QHAJ)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type QHC)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type VHA)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type VXA)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC190A (Type DHAF)(VIN# GCAAA-1000001) Small Engine
GC190A (Type MEA2)(VIN# GCAAA-8000001-9999999) Small Engine
GC190A (Type QEAF)(VIN# GCAAA-8000001-9999999) Small Engine
GC190A (Type QHA)(VIN# GCAAA-1000001-7999999) Small Engine
GC190A (Type QHA1)(VIN# GCAAA-1000001-7999999) Small Engine
GC190A (Type QHA2)(VIN# GCAAA-1000001-7999999) Small Engine
GC190A (Type QHAD)(VIN# GCAAA-1000001) Small Engine
GC190A (Type QHAF)(VIN# GCAAA-1000001-1496156) Small Engine
GC190A (Type VBA)(VIN# GCAAA-1000001-7999999) Small Engine
GC190A (Type VXA)(VIN# GCAAA-1000001) Small Engine
GC190LA (Type MHA2)(VIN# GCAAA-1496157-8000000) Small Engine
GC190LA (Type QHAF)(VIN# GCAAA-1496157-8000000) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type A1A)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type A1AE)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type A1AF)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type A1AS)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type A2A)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-6699999) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type A2R)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type A3A)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-6699999) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type BHH)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type E1A2)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type R3A1)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type RTL1)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type S1A)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type S1A1)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-6699999) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type S1M)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type S3A)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type S3A2)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type S3H)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type STA1)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-6699999) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type STL1)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type A1A)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type E5A4)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type EHHB)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type N1A)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type N1AF)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type N5A)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type N5AF)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type N5MF)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type N5R)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type N7A1)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001-5386302) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type NBL1)(VIN# GJAEA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type R1A)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type A1AF)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type A2R)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type BHH)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type E1A2)(VIN# GJAEA-8018820) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type N1A)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type N1AF)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type N5AF)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type N5MF)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GC160A (Type QEA2)(VIN# GCAHA-8000001-9999999) Small Engine
GC160A (Type QEAF)(VIN# GCAHA-8000001-9999999) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type QBC)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type QDE)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC160LA (Type QHA)(VIN# GCAHA-3599750-8000000) Small Engine
GC190A (Type MHA2)(VIN# GCAAA-1000001-1496156) Small Engine
GC190A (Type QEA)(VIN# GCAAA-8000001-9999999) Small Engine
GC190A (Type QEA2)(VIN# GCAAA-8000001-9999999) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type E1A4)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type E1G7)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160A (Type R3A)(VIN# GJAEA-8000001-8018819) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type N5R)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type N7A1)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type N7S1)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type R3A)(VIN# GJAEA-8018820) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type S1A)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type S1M)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type S3A)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA (Type S3H)(VIN# GJAEA-5386303) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type A2R)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type A1A)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type BHH)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type A1AF)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type E1A2)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type N1A)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type N1AF)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type N5AF)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type N5MF)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type N5R)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type N7A1)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type N7S1)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type R3A)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type S1A)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type S1M)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type S3A)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type S3H)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type S3T)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV160LA0 (Type SBT)(VIN# GJARA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type A1AE)(VIN# GJAAA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type A1AF)(VIN# GJAAA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type N1A)(VIN# GJAAA-1000001-1607128) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type BHH)(VIN# GJAAA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type N1AF)(VIN# GJAAA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type E1A2)(VIN# GJAAA-8000001-9999999) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type N5A)(VIN# GJAAA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type S3A)(VIN# GJAAA-1000001-1607128) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type N5AF)(VIN# GJAAA-1000001-1607128) Small Engine
GCV190LA (Type N1A)(VIN# GJAAA-1607129) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type R1A)(VIN# GJAAA-8000001) Small Engine
GCV190LA (Type N5AF)(VIN# GJAAA-1607129) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type R3A)(VIN# GJAAA-8000001) Small Engine
GCV190LA (Type N5AP)(VIN# GJAAA-1607129) Small Engine
GCV190A (Type S1A)(VIN# GJAAA-1000001) Small Engine
GCV190LA (Type S3A)(VIN# GJAAA-1607129) Small Engine
GS190A (Type MBA2)(VIN# GCACA-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GS190A (Type QBA)(VIN# GCACA-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GS190A (Type QBA1)(VIN# GCACA-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GS190A (Type QBA2)(VIN# GCACA-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GS190A (Type QBAF)(VIN# GCACA-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GS190A (Type VXA)(VIN# GCACA-1000001) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type A1A)(VIN# GJACA-1000001) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type A1AE)(VIN# GJACA-1000001) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type A1AF)(VIN# GJACA-1000001) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type A1C)(VIN# GJACA-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type A1G7)(VIN# GJACA-1000001) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type A2G7)(VIN# GJACA-1000001) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type BHH)(VIN# GJACA-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type N1AF)(VIN# GJACA-1000001) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type N1G7)(VIN# GJACA-1000001) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type N1R)(VIN# GJACA-1000001) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type N1L)(VIN# GJACA-1000001-1035730) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type N1U)(VIN# GJACA-1000001) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type N2G7)(VIN# GJACA-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GSV190A (Type N2U)(VIN# GJACA-1000001) Small Engine
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  • • Engine

Questions & Answers for Belt,​ Timing (84hu6 G-200)

No questions have been asked yet
Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
2 of 2 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Air Cleaner Element - 17211-ZL8-023
Pulley, Camshaft - 14320-Z8D-000
Belt, Timing (84hu6 G-200) - 14400-Z8B-003
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set
Overhead cam gear was broken on GC190 Honda motor on power washer
Removed valve cover and split crankcase clamshell to remove broken gear parts. Cleaned All gaaket surfaces replaced cam gear and timing assembled. Motor started and ran perfectly.
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2 of 2 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Valve, In. - 14711-ZL8-000
Pulley, Camshaft - 14320-Z8D-000
Belt, Timing (84hu6 G-200) - 14400-Z8B-003
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Socket set
Engine would back fire when trying to start
The motor had sticky valves so I had to replace them.
1) Split the motor in half and removed the valve cover
2) Removed the crankshaft and piston
3) Replaced the intake valve
4) Cleaned the shaft of the exhaust valve (should have bought a new one)
5) Installed the piston checking that the ring gaps were staggered
6) Installed the crank shaft adding the new timing belt
7) Installed the new cam shaft and adjusted the timing
8) Used gasket maker and bolted the two motor halves together.
9) Installed the valve cover
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1 of 1 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Pressure Washer
Parts Used:
Radial Seal, 30 X 52 X 7 - 9.177-309.0
O-ring Seal 63,17x 2,62 - 6.362-537.0
Oil Seal - 91202-ZL8-003
Pulley, Camshaft - 14320-Z8D-000
Belt, Timing (84hu6 G-200) - 14400-Z8B-003
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Socket set, Wrench Set
Pressure washer would not start
I replaced the timing belt, the upper cam gear and the 2 seals, one on the engine and one on the pump. One trick I learned was to install the timing belt on the crank gear and cam gear before I put the 2 halves on the engine back together. It will make the job easier because the belt is very tight when new and installing it on the cam gear was impossible. hope this helps
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Pulley, Camshaft - 14320-Z8D-000
Belt, Timing (84hu6 G-200) - 14400-Z8B-003
Valve, Ex. (c8e) - 14721-ZL8-000
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Power Drill, Socket set, Wrench Set
Exhaust valve bent
Disassembled engine by splitting case. Removed rod cap, removed crankshaft and removed piston and rod. Removed and replaced bent exhaust valve. Replaced cam gear and belt and reassembled engine.
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Tool Type:
Lawn Mower
Parts Used:
Valve Rocker Arm - 14431-Z0J-000
Valve Rocker Arm - 14441-Z0J-000
O-ring - 6.8x1.9 - Arai - 91301-ZM0-V31
Seal- Valve Stem - 12209-ZM0-003
Spring- Valve - 14751-ZL8-000
Valve, In. - 14711-ZL8-000
Pulley, Camshaft - 14320-Z8D-000
Belt, Timing (84hu6 G-200) - 14400-Z8B-003
Valve, Ex. (c8e) - 14721-ZL8-000
Cover, Head - 12311-Z8B-000
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
More than 2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set, 2 and 3 jaw pullers, low and high range torque wrenches
Bent crankshaft due to hitting very hard object
1. Took off broken blades, blade holder and drive belt pulley. This required a two jaw puller due to bend in shaft.
2. Open up crankcase. Many steps involved. Followed youtube videos. Detailed videos exist.
3. Take out piston. Found lots of black soot on piston, crankcase and valve seats. Apparently due to mistiming from running engine with bent crankshaft since this is a pretty new engine always running smooth before accident.
4. Use carburetor cleaner and lots of work to clean piston and case. Put in new valves and use grinding compound to clean valve seats and "break in" valves.
5. Install new crankshaft (also from ereplacement) and all new parts related to timing. The old ones looked fine but did not want to have to open up again in case there was some damage not visible.
6. Assemble everything. Again lots of steps. Take pictures when disassembling, label parts and use youtube videos. A mechanic friend lent me a puller and a torque wrench.
7. New blade holder and blades.
8. Pull starter cord. Starts right off. Runs very smooth. Cuts very well. Success but it is a major project for amateurs. I am retired thus have the time and love this Honda lawnmower. Kind of expensive because of all the new parts but still cheaper than a new Honda and I have only had it a couple of years. Now it's practically new.
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Belt, Timing (84hu6 G-200) - 14400-Z8B-003
Pulley - 13621-Z8B-900
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Socket set, Wrench Set
Timing Pulley sheared keyway
Removed motor
Broke down motor
replaced pulley and timing belt with new parts
Reassembled motor
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    The parts fit perfectly and the power washer is running great
    David - June 18, 2023 Verified Purchase
    Best place to find all of your engine parts.
    Part arrived quickly.
    Guest - October 23, 2021 Verified Purchase
    Honda push mower repair
    Several parts were needed. If it weren't for the help from the saleswoman I ordered from I wouldn't have known what to order. She took her time, looked all parts up that were necessary and checked to make sure everything was correct. I give erelplacementparts a stellar review
    Guest - November 7, 2020 Verified Purchase
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