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Part Number: 24 326 143-S
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 2532608-S and 25-326-08-S.

Product Information
The hose attaches to the evaporative connector. Keep in mind that this part is sold individually. This item is an OEM from Kohler for use in motors and engines. A screwdriver, a set of pliers, and a socket set might be needed during the installation process. This part is made out of rubber and will need to be replaced if it breaks.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

SV720 (0001) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0002) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0010) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0011) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0012) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0013) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0014) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0015) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0016) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0017) 23 HP Motor
SV720 23 HP Motor
SV710 23 HP Motor
SV715 23 HP Motor
SV730 23 HP Motor
SV740 23 HP Motor
SV810 23 HP Motor
SV820 23 HP Motor
SV830 23 HP Motor
SV840 23 HP Motor
XT675 Engine
CH620-3003 18 HP Engine
CH620-3004 18 HP Engine
CH620-3007 18 HP Engine
CH620-3008 18 HP Engine
CH620-3009 18 HP Engine
CH620-3017 18 HP Engine
CH23-76558 23 HP Engine
CH23-76610 23 HP Engine
CH23-76632 23 HP Engine
CH620-3035 18 HP Engine
CH620-3037 18 HP Engine
CH620-3038 18 HP Engine
CH620-3039 18 HP Engine
CH620-3040 18 HP Engine
CH620-3043 18 HP Engine
CH620-3044 18 HP Engine
CH620-3053 18 HP Engine
CH620-3054 18 HP Engine
CH620-3055 18 HP Engine
CH620-3056 18 HP Engine
CH620-3057 18 HP Engine
CH620-3059 18 HP Engine
CH640-3002 20 HP Engine
CH640-3004 20 HP Engine
CH640-3007 20 HP Engine
CH640-3008 20 HP Engine
CH640-3014 20 HP Engine
CH640-3027 20 HP Engine
CH640-3032 20 HP Engine
CH640-3034 20 HP Engine
CH640-3043 20 HP Engine
CH640-3051 20 HP Engine
CH640-3052 20 HP Engine
CH640-3056 20 HP Engine
CH640-3059 20 HP Engine
CH640-3062 20 HP Engine
CH640-3063 20 HP Engine
CH640-3064 20 HP Engine
CH640-3065 20 HP Engine
CH640-3066 20 HP Engine
CH640-3069 20 HP Engine
CH640-3072 20 HP Engine
CH640-3073 20 HP Engine
CH640-3074 20 HP Engine
CH640-3076 20 HP Engine
CH640-3077 20 HP Engine
CH640-3078 20 HP Engine
CH640-3081 20 HP Engine
CH640-3082 20 HP Engine
CH640-3083 20 HP Engine
CH640-3084 20 HP Engine
CH640-3098 20 HP Engine
CH640-3099 20 HP Engine
CH640-3100 20 HP Engine
CH640-3109 20 HP Engine
CH670-3014 Engine
CH670-3016 Engine
CH670-3019 Engine
CH680-3001 23 HP Engine
CH680-3002 23 HP Engine
CH680-3003 23 HP Engine
CH680-3028 23 HP Engine
CH680-3034 23 HP Engine
CH680-3037 23 HP Engine
CH680-3038 23 HP Engine
CH680-3039 23 HP Engine
CH680-3041 23 HP Engine
CH680-3043 23 HP Engine
CH680-3044 23 HP Engine
CH680-3046 23 HP Engine
CH680-3048 23 HP Engine
CH680-3049 23 HP Engine
CH680-3057 23 HP Engine
CH680-3058 23 HP Engine
CH680-3060 23 HP Engine
CH680-3062 23 HP Engine
CH1000-2002 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2010 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2012 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2018 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2019 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2020 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2023 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2024 40 HP Engine
CH1000-2026 40 HP Engine
CH680-3063 Engine
CH680-3072 23 HP Engine
CH680-3081 23 HP Engine
CH680-3083 23 HP Engine
CH680-3087 23 HP Engine
CH680-3093 23 HP Engine
CH680-3096 23 HP Engine
CH730-0164 25 HP Engine
CH730-0176 25 HP Engine
CH730-3200 25 HP Engine
CH730-3201 25 HP Engine
CH730-3203 25 HP Engine
CH730-3205 25 HP Engine
CH730-3206 25 HP Engine
CH730-3209 25 HP Engine
CH730-3210 25 HP Engine
CH730-3226 25 HP Engine
CH730-3228 25 HP Engine
CH730-3229 25 HP Engine
CH730-3230 25 HP Engine
CH730-3232 25 HP Engine
CH730-3233 25 HP Engine
CH730-3234 25 HP Engine
CH730-3235 25 HP Engine
CH730-3236 25 HP Engine
CH730-3238 25 HP Engine
CH730-3239 25 HP Engine
CH730-3240 25 HP Engine
CH730-3241 25 HP Engine
CH730-3243 25 HP Engine
CH730-3246 25 HP Engine
CH730-3253 25 HP Engine
CH730-3255 25 HP Engine
CH730-3256 25 HP Engine
CH730-3259 25 HP Engine
CH730-3261 Engine
CH730-3262 25 HP Engine
CH730-3263 25 HP Engine
CH730-3264 25 HP Engine
CH730-3265 25 HP Engine
CH730-3267 25 HP Engine
CH730-3268 25 HP Engine
CH730-3269 25 HP Engine
CH730-3270 25 HP Engine
CH730-3274 Engine
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Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Spring, Gov 2800-3300 Rpm - 14 089 14-S
Hose - 24 326 143-S
Element, Pre-Filter - 14 083 17-S
Air Filter Element - 14 083 15-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Pliers, Needle nose pliers.
Engine speed not consistent.
Used needle nose pliers to remove old spring and to install new spring. Opened air filter cover, removed old filter and replaced with new one. Removed broken evaporative hose and installed new one. Motor’s running like brand new, even on cold starts!
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Front area of engine caught fire
Removed shroad, air cleaner housing, valve cover and rubber hoses. Replaced valve cover gasket, air cleaner housing, rubber hoses and shroad. Engine cranked and ran just like new.
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Seat - 532439822
Filter-Fuel - 25 050 21-S
Line, Fuel - 25 111 81-S
Air Cleaner Element - 20 083 06-S
Plug, Spark (Std) - 12 132 02-S
Hose - 24 326 143-S
Kit, Carburetor - 20 853 88-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Socket set, Wrench Set, Adjustable Wrench
Sat too long this last winter, also mice made a hotel in the engine compartment.
Simple, drill down method. Start at the top, remove the old, eaten, or otherwise worn out items until satisfied with whats left. Reinstall in reverse order, test run, mow yard.
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Hose Fuel Low-Permeation - 25 111 69-S
Hose - 24 326 143-S
Carburetor - 14 853 55-S
Tank, Fuel - 14 065 63-S
Cap Assembly, Fuel - 14 227 20-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set
Fuel leak near carb
Remove the Starter Rope and Coil
Removed the Fuel Tank
Removed lines
Remove Carb and linkage
Replaced in reverse order
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  • Toro mower parts
    Parts arrived quickly and worked perfectly. My lawnmower is all set for the summer!
    Guest - March 25, 2021 Verified Purchase
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