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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch
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Gasket,​ Fuel Pump

Part Number: 25 041 10-S
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 2504105, 2504109-S, 25-041-09-S and 25-041-05.

Product Information
It is a genuine item that is supplied directly from the original equipment manufacturer for use with Kohler engines commonly installed on lawn and garden equipment. This is an identical replacement for a worn or missing gasket that is utilized to provide an air-tight seal for the fuel pump, please refer to the appropriate diagrams for the correct location and application of this hardware. It is a high-quality component which is made of durable composite material and is sold individually.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

M10-461512 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461513 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461517 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461520 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461525 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461526 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461529 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461531 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461532 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461536 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461544 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461546 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471502 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471503 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471505 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471525 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471535 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471537 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471545 Engine
M12-471549 Engine
M12-471555 Engine
M12-471556 Engine
M12-471557 Engine
K301-47722 Engine
K301-47723 Engine
K301-47724 Engine
K301-47726 Engine
K301-47727 Engine
K301-47729 Engine
K301-4773 Engine
K301-47731 Engine
K301-47732 Engine
K301-47734 Engine
K301-47735 Engine
K301-47738 Engine
K301-47739 Engine
K301-47740 Engine
K301-47742 Engine
K301-47743 Engine
K301-47746 Engine
K301-47748 Engine
K301-47750 Engine
K301-47752 Engine
K301-47755 Engine
K301-47758 Engine
K301-47760 Engine
K301-47762 Engine
K301-47763 Engine
K301-47764 Engine
K301-47765 Engine
K301-47766 Engine
K301-47770 Engine
K301-47771 Engine
K301-47772 Engine
K301-47774 Engine
K301-47775 Engine
K301-47776 Engine
K301-47778 Engine
K301-47779 Engine
K301-47783 Engine
K301-47784 Engine
K301-47789 Engine
K301-47795 Engine
K301-47796 Engine
K301-4780 Engine
K301-47801 Engine
K301-47802 Engine
K301-47803 Engine
K301-47805 Engine
K301-47807 Engine
K301-47812 Engine
K301-47813 Engine
K301-47814 Engine
K321-10210 Generator
K321-102101 Generator
K321-102102 Generator
K301-47817 Engine
K301-47818 Engine
K301-47819 Engine
K301-47820 Engine
K301-47824 Engine
K301-47825 Engine
K301-47826 Engine
K301-47827 Engine
K301-47828 Engine
K301-47829 Engine
K301-47830 Engine
K301-47831 Engine
K301-47832 Engine
K301-4784 Engine
K301-4786 Engine
K301-4787 Engine
K301-4794 Engine
K301-4796 Engine
K301-4797 Engine
K301-4798 Engine
M14-601502 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601503 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601505 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471558 Magnum Series
M12-471560 Magnum Series
M12-471564 Magnum Series
M12-471567 Magnum Series
M16-711502 Engine
M16-711503 Engine
M16-711505 Engine
M16-711510 Engine
M16-711512 Engine
M16-711513 Engine
M16-711514 Engine
M16-711518 Engine
M16-711519 Engine
M16-711521 Engine
M16-711524 Engine
K482-35129 Engine
K482-35139 Engine
K482-35142 Engine
K482-35144 Engine
K482-35145 Engine
K482-35147 Engine
K482-35153 Engine
K482-35157 Engine
K482-35159 Engine
K482-35162 Engine
K482-35164 Engine
K482-35166 Engine
K482-35167 Engine
M14-601529 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601537 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601542 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601548 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601550 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601553 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601555 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601556 Magnum Series Engine
M16-711526 Magnum Series Engine
M16-711529 Magnum Series Engine
M16-711532 Magnum Series Engine
M16-711533 Magnum Series Engine
M16-711535 Magnum Series Engine
M16-711536 Magnum Series Engine
M16-711539 Magnum Series Engine
M16-711540 Magnum Series Engine
M16-711541 Magnum Series Engine
K482-35230 Engine
K482-35240 Engine
K482-35244 Engine
K482-90102B Engine
M16-711544 Magnum Series Engine
M16-711545 Magnum Series Engine
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Gasket-Exhaust - 12 041 03-S
Gasket, Cylinder Head - KH-12-041-10
Gasket-A/C Base - 12 041 02-S
Gasket-Carburetor - 12 041 01-S
Seal, Oil - 12 032 03-S
Gasket, Fuel Pump - 25 041 10-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
More than 2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set, Nutdriver, Adjustable Wrench, Cordless impact, torque wrech
Lawn tractor was hard to start and engine would knock under a load
1 Removed hood
2 Removed deck and belt
3 Removed drive belt and drive pulley from engine
4 Removed battery and all wires attached to engine
5 Removed muffler
6 Removed 4 bolts holding engine on the frame
7 Removed engine
8 Removed pan off bottom of engine removed and installed a new used cam shaft and lifters then put engine back together with all new gaskets
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