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Screw,​ Pan Head

Part Number: 25 086 660-S
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 25086374-S and 25-086-374-S.

Product Information
It is an authentic OEM part that is specially made for use with Kohler engines that are commonly installed on a variety of lawn and garden equipment. This is an identical replacement for a faulty or a missing hardware that was installed on a new unit. It is one of the screws utilized to secure the cover. This high-quality component is made of durable metal and is sold as an individual item. Make sure to refer to the appropriate diagrams for your model to ensure the exact location and the correct application.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

SV720 (0001) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0002) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0010) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0011) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0012) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0013) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0014) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0015) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0016) 23 HP Motor
SV720 (0017) 23 HP Motor
SV720 23 HP Motor
SV710 23 HP Motor
SV715 23 HP Motor
SV730 23 HP Motor
SV740 23 HP Motor
SV810 23 HP Motor
SV820 23 HP Motor
SV830 23 HP Motor
SV840 23 HP Motor
KT715-3001 20 Hp Engine
KT715-3002 20 Hp Engine
KT715-3003 20 Hp Engine
KT725-3001 22 Hp Engine
KT725-3002 22 Hp Engine
KT725-3011 22 Hp Engine
KT725-3012 22 Hp Engine
KT725-3013 22 Hp Engine
KT725-3016 22 Hp Engine
KT725-3023 22 Hp Engine
KT725-3024 22 Hp Engine
KT730-3001 23 Hp Engine
KT730-3002 23 Hp Engine
KT730-3003 23 Hp Engine
KT730-3012 23 Hp Engine
KT735-3001 24 Hp Engine
KT735-3002 24 Hp Engine
KT735-3013 24 Hp Engine
KT735-3014 24 Hp Engine
KT735-3015 24 Hp Engine
KT735-3017 24 Hp Engine
KT735-3024 24 Hp Engine
KT740-3002 25 Hp Engine
KT740-3003 25 Hp Engine
KT740-3011 25 Hp Engine
KT740-3027 25 Hp Engine
KT740-3028 25 Hp Engine
KT740-3029 25 Hp Engine
KT745-3001 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3002 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3003 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3011 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3012 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3013 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3014 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3017 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3022 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3024 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3031 26 Hp Engine
KT745-3042 26 Hp Engine
ZT710-3001 Market Spec (19 Hp (14.2 Kw))
ZT710-3002 Market Spec (19 Hp (14.2 Kw))
ZT710-3003 Market Spec (19 Hp (14.2 Kw))
ZT710-3004 Market Spec (19 Hp (14.2 Kw))
ZT710-3011 Exmark (19 Hp (14.2 Kw))
ZT720-3001 Market Spec (21 Hp (14.9 Kw))
ZT720-3002 Market Spec (21 Hp (14.9 Kw))
ZT720-3003 Market Spec (21 Hp (14.9 Kw))
ZT720-3004 Market Spec (21 Hp (14.9 Kw))
ZT720-3011 Mtd (21 Hp (14.9 Kw))
ZT720-3012 Exmark (21 Hp (14.9 Kw))
ZT730-3001 Market Spec (23 Hp (17.2 Kw))
ZT730-3011 Mtd (23 Hp (17.2 Kw))
ZT730-3012 Exmark (23 Hp (17.2 Kw))
ZT740-3002 Market Spec (25 Hp (18.6 Kw))
ZT740-3011 Exmark (25 Hp (18.6 Kw))
ZT740-3017 Bad Boy (25 Hp (18.6 Kw))
SV710-0001 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0002 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0010 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0011 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0012 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0013 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0014 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0015 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0016 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0017 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0019 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0020 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0021 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0022 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0025 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0026 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0027 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0028 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0031 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0033 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0034 20 Hp Engine
SV710-0035 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3002 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3015 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3020 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3021 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3022 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3025 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3026 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3027 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3029 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3031 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3033 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3034 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3035 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3036 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3037 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3038 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3039 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3040 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3041 20 Hp Engine
SV710-3042 20 Hp Engine
SV715-0001 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0002 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0010 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0011 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0013 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0015 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0016 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0017 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0018 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0019 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0023 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0024 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0026 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0027 22 Hp Engine
SV715-0028 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3001 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3002 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3010 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3011 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3017 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3023 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3024 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3025 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3026 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3027 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3028 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3029 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3030 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3031 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3032 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3033 22 Hp Engine
SV715-3034 22 Hp Engine
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Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Loctite Sealant - 25 597 07-S
Cover - 25 096 09-S
Screw, Pan Head - 25 086 660-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Socket set, Star bit
Rocker arm covers leaking oil
Dropped rear engine guard, removed the 8 bolts holding both covers, pried off covers with a small screwdriver, following instructions applied Kohler sealant to new covers, replaced and snuggly screwed on the eight new bolts. Made sure engine area was clean and dry as the sealant instructions said. Didn't over tighten the bolts.
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