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Idler Pulley

Part Number: WE12X83
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WE12X83
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This Idler Pulley is an OEM part directly from GE for an electric dryer. The purpose of the idler pulley is to maintain the correct tension on the drive belt to spin the drum. The most common reason to replace this part is when the motor runs and the drum doesn't spin. This item is sold separately and is made of a high-quality plastic material. Remember to unplug your appliance before beginning any repair.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

DRSR483EG2WW Electric Dryer
DBVH510EH1WW Electric Dryer
DBVH510GH1WW Gas Dryer
DBVH512EF2WW Electric Dryer
DBVH512GF3WW Gas Dryer
DCCB330EG1WC Electric Dryer
DCCB330GD0KC Gas Dryer
DCCB330GD0WC Gas Dryer
DCCB330GG1WC Gas Dryer
DCCD330EG1WC Electric Dryer
DCCD330GD0KC Gas Dryer
DCCD330GD0WC Gas Dryer
DCCD330GG1WC Gas Dryer
DCVH515EF2WW Electric Dryer
DCVH515GF3WW Gas Dryer
DCVH660EH1BB Electric Dryer
DCVH660EH1GG Electric Dryer
DCVH660EH1MB Electric Dryer
DCVH660EH1MS Electric Dryer
DCVH660EH1WW Electric Dryer
DCVH660GH1BB Gas Dryer
DCVH660GH1GG Gas Dryer
DCVH660GH1MB Gas Dryer
DCVH660GH1MS Gas Dryer
DCVH660GH1WW Gas Dryer
DHDVH52EF2WW Electric Dryer
DHDVH52GF3WW Gas Dryer
DHDVH66EH1BB Electric Dryer
DHDVH66EH1GG Electric Dryer
DHDVH66EH1WW Electric Dryer
DHDVH66GH1BB Gas Dryer
DHDVH66GH1GG Gas Dryer
DHDVH66GH1WW Gas Dryer
DCCB330ED0KC Electric Dryer
DCCB330ED0WC Electric Dryer
DCCD330ED0KC Electric Dryer
DCCD330ED0WC Electric Dryer
DDC4400T0WH Electric Dryer
DDC4500SJM Gas Dryer
DDC4500T0WH Gas Dryer
DBVH510EH0WW Electric Dryer
DBVH510GH0WW Gas Dryer
DBVH512EF0GG Electric Dryer
DBVH512EF0WW Electric Dryer
DBVH512EF1WW Electric Dryer
DBVH512GF0GG Gas Dryer
DBVH512GF0WW Gas Dryer
DBVH512GF1GG Gas Dryer
DBVH512GF1WW Gas Dryer
DBVH512GF2WW Gas Dryer
DCCB330ED1KC Electric Dryer
DCCB330ED1WC Electric Dryer
DCCB330ED2KC Electric Dryer
DCCB330ED2WC Electric Dryer
DCCB330ED3WC Electric Dryer
DCCB330EG0WC Electric Dryer
DCCB330GD1KC Gas Dryer
DCCB330GD1WC Gas Dryer
DCCB330GD2KC Gas Dryer
DCCB330GD2WC Gas Dryer
DCCB330GD3WC Gas Dryer
DCCB330GG0WC Gas Dryer
DCCD330ED1KC Electric Dryer
DCCD330ED1WC Electric Dryer
DCCD330ED2KC Electric Dryer
DCCD330ED2WC Electric Dryer
DCCD330ED3WC Electric Dryer
DCCD330EG0WC Electric Dryer
DCCD330GD1KC Gas Dryer
DCCD330GD1WC Gas Dryer
DCCD330GD2KC Gas Dryer
DCCD330GD2WC Gas Dryer
DCCD330GD3WC Gas Dryer
DCCD330GG0WC Gas Dryer
DCVH515EF0GG Electric Dryer
DCVH515EF0WW Electric Dryer
DCVH515EF1WW Electric Dryer
DCVH515GF0GG Gas Dryer
DCVH515GF0WW Gas Dryer
DCVH515GF1GG Gas Dryer
DCVH515GF1WW Gas Dryer
DCVH515GF2WW Gas Dryer
DCVH660EH0BB Electric Dryer
DCVH660EH0GG Electric Dryer
DCVH660EH0MB Electric Dryer
DCVH660EH0MS Electric Dryer
DCVH660EH0WW Electric Dryer
DCVH660GH0BB Gas Dryer
DCVH660GH0GG Gas Dryer
DCVH660GH0MB Gas Dryer
DCVH660GH0MS Gas Dryer
DCVH660GH0WW Gas Dryer
DDC4400SAM Electric Dryer
DDC4400SFM Electric Dryer
DDC4400SGM Electric Dryer
DDC4500SAM Gas Dryer
DDC4500SBM Gas Dryer
DDC4500SFM Gas Dryer
DDC4500SGM Gas Dryer
DDC4500SHM Gas Dryer
DHDVH52EF0GG Electric Dryer
DHDVH52EF0WW Electric Dryer
DHDVH52EF1WW Electric Dryer
DHDVH52GF0GG Gas Dryer
DHDVH52GF0WW Gas Dryer
DHDVH52GF1GG Gas Dryer
DHDVH52GF1WW Gas Dryer
DHDVH52GF2WW Gas Dryer
DHDVH66EH0BB Electric Dryer
DHDVH66EH0GG Electric Dryer
DHDVH66EH0WW Electric Dryer
DHDVH66GH0BB Gas Dryer
DHDVH66GH0GG Gas Dryer
DHDVH66GH0WW Gas Dryer
DDE4100SBLWH Electric Dryer
DDE7000SBLAA Electric Dryer
DDE7000SBLWH Electric Dryer
DDE7000SBLWW Electric Dryer
DDE7100SBLAA Electric Dryer
DDE7100SBLWW Electric Dryer
DDE7200SBLAA Electric Dryer
DDE7200SBLWH Electric Dryer
DDE7200SBLWW Electric Dryer
DDE7900SAL Electric Dryer
DDE7900SBLAA Electric Dryer
DDE7900SBLWW Electric Dryer
DDE7905SBLAA Electric Dryer
DDE7905SBLWW Electric Dryer
DDG7080SBLAA Gas Dryer
DDG7080SBLWH Gas Dryer
DDG7080SBLWW Gas Dryer
DDG7180SBLAA Gas Dryer
DDG7180SBLWW Gas Dryer
DDG7280SBLAA Gas Dryer
DDG7280SBLWH Gas Dryer
DDG7280SBLWW Gas Dryer
DDG7980SAL Gas Dryer
DDG7980SBLAA Gas Dryer
DDG7980SBLWW Gas Dryer
DDG7985SBLAA Gas Dryer
DDG7985SBLWW Gas Dryer
DDP1375GCM Electric Dryer
DDP1370GAM Electric Dryer
DDP1370SAM Electric Dryer
DDP1370SBM Electric Dryer
DDP1375GAM Electric Dryer
DDP1380GCM Electric Dryer
DBLR333GG2CC Gas Dryer
DBLR333GG2WW Gas Dryer
DBXR300GG1WS Gas Dryer

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dryer
Questions & Answers

Are you supposed to use any type of grease on this idler pulley?
Jon for model number DDE7600RAL
Hi Jon, I would refer to the use and care manual or contact the manufacturer directly for exact specifications. Thank you for your question and good luck with your repair!
Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Idler Pulley - WE12X83
Felt - WE09X20441
Drum Slide - WE1M1067
Drum Bearing Slide - WE1M504
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Duct tape
Drum wouldn't turn
1 Slid dryer away from wall and removed duct pipe and unplugged dryer
2 Removed control panel, making sure to unplug all internal connections, top of dryer and front of dryer which included door.
3 Found drive belt broke, and while I had dryer apart replaced drum slides, slide bearings, rear bearing assy., door felt, and idler pulley because I had this dryer apart before several years ago and the same parts were wore out.
4 Also replaced drive belt and cleaned all lint from blower housing and duct work, and everywhere else I found inside the dryer.
5 Putting the drum belt on was hard because you have no room for 2 arms inside and you have to route the belt around the drum, idler pulley, and motor pulley, very tricky with one arm and one hand, patience.
6 Reassembled sheet metal and ran, very quiet now
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WE12X83
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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