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Drum Slide

Part Number: WE1M1067
Price: $5.71

*This part replaces obsolete part #: and WE1M507.

This is a genuine component that is supplied by the original equipment manufacturer for GE dryers. The green drum slides are used to support the weight of the drum. The most common reason for replacing the drum slides are when they begin to make noise due to being worn out. These are sold separately and it is recommended you purchase two to replace both at the same time.
Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WE1M1067
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

DRSR483EG2WW Electric Dryer
DDE9605SAMAA Electric Dryer
DDE9605SAMWW Electric Dryer
DDE8200SAMWW Electric Dryer
DDE8505SAMAA Electric Dryer
DDE8500SAMWW Electric Dryer
DDE8509RFMAA Electric Dryer
DDE9600RFMAA Electric Dryer
DDE8500SAMWH Electric Dryer
DDE8509RCMWW Electric Dryer
DDE8509RFMWW Electric Dryer
DDC4500SHM Gas Dryer
DDE9600RAM Electric Dryer
DDE9600RCM Electric Dryer
DDE8200RAM Electric Dryer
DDE8500RAM Electric Dryer
DDE8500RCM Electric Dryer
DDE8500RFM Electric Dryer
DDE9500RAM Electric Dryer
DDE9500RCM Electric Dryer
DDE8200RFM Electric Dryer
DDG8280SAMAA Gas Dryer
DDG8589RFMAA Gas Dryer
DDG8589RFMWW Gas Dryer
DDG8280RDM Gas Dryer
DDG8589RCMAA Gas Dryer
DDG8589RDMWW Gas Dryer
DDE9600RCMWW Electric Dryer
DDE9600RCMAA Electric Dryer
DBXR453GA1WW Gas Dryer
DDG8580RDM Gas Dryer
DDG8580RFM Gas Dryer
DDG9580RDM Gas Dryer
DBXR463GG2WW Electric Dryer
DCXR463GA1AA Gas Dryer
DBXR300EG1WS Electric Dryer
DBXR300GG1WS Gas Dryer
DBXR453GA1AA Gas Dryer
DBXR453GV1AA Gas Dryer
DBXR463GB0CC Gas Dryer
DBXR463GG2CC Electric Dryer
DCXR453GV1AA Gas Dryer
DCXR463GA1WW Gas Dryer
DBLR333GG2CC Gas Dryer
DBLR333GG2WW Gas Dryer
DBXR453GA0CC Gas Dryer
DBXR453GA0WW Gas Dryer
DBXR453GV1WW Gas Dryer
DBXR463EG2CC Electric Dryer
DBXR463EG2WW Electric Dryer
DBXR463GB0WW Gas Dryer
DCXR453GV1WW Gas Dryer
DCXR463GA0AA Gas Dryer
DHSR333EA0WB Electric Dryer
DHSR333GV1WB Gas Dryer
DBLR333EG2CC Electric Dryer
DBLR333EG2WW Electric Dryer
DBSR453GB0CC Gas Dryer
DBSR463EG2WW Electric Dryer
DBXR300GG0WS Gas Dryer
DBXR453EA0CC Electric Dryer
DBXR453EV2WW Electric Dryer
DBXR453GA0AA Gas Dryer
DBXR463EB0CC Electric Dryer
DBXR463EB0WW Electric Dryer
DBXR463GG1WW Gas Dryer
DBXR463PG0CC Gas Dryer
DCSR473GV1AA Gas Dryer
DCSR473GV1WW Gas Dryer
DCXR463GA0WW Gas Dryer
DDC4400SFM Electric Dryer
DDE8500RBM Electric Dryer
DHSR333EA2WB Electric Dryer
DHSR333EV1WB Electric Dryer
DHSR333GA0WB Gas Dryer
DBB3300EA0AA Electric Dryer
DBB3300EA0WW Electric Dryer
DBLR333GG0WW Gas Dryer
DBLR333GG1CC Gas Dryer
DBSR453EA1WW Electric Dryer
DBSR453GA0AA Gas Dryer
DBSR453GA0WW Gas Dryer
DBSR453GA1AA Gas Dryer
DBSR453GA1WW Gas Dryer
DBSR453GB0WW Gas Dryer
DBSR463GG2WW Gas Dryer
DBXR453EV1WW Electric Dryer
DBXR463GG0WW Gas Dryer
DBXR463GG1CC Gas Dryer
DBXR463PG0WW Gas Dryer
DCXR463EA0WW Electric Dryer
DCXR463EA1WW Electric Dryer
DHDSR46EG2WW Electric Dryer
DHSR333EV2WB Electric Dryer
DHSR333GV2WB Gas Dryer
DBB3300EA1WW Electric Dryer
DBB3300GA0WW Gas Dryer
DBLR333GG0CC Gas Dryer
DBLR333GG1WW Gas Dryer
DBSR453EA1AA Electric Dryer
DBSR453EB0CC Electric Dryer
DBSR453EB0WW Electric Dryer
DBSR463EG1WW Electric Dryer
DBXR300EG0WS Electric Dryer
DBXR453EA0AA Electric Dryer
DBXR453EA0WW Electric Dryer
DBXR453EA1AA Electric Dryer
DBXR453EA1WW Electric Dryer
DBXR453EV1AA Electric Dryer
DBXR463EG0CC Electric Dryer
DBXR463EG0WW Electric Dryer
DBXR463GG0CC Gas Dryer
DCSR473EV1AA Electric Dryer
DCSR473EV1WW Electric Dryer
DCSR483EA1AA Electric Dryer
DCSR483EA1WW Electric Dryer
DCXR453EV1AA Electric Dryer
DCXR453EV1WW Electric Dryer
DCXR463EA1AA Electric Dryer
DHDSR46GG2WW Gas Dryer
DHSR333EV0WB Electric Dryer
DBB3300EA1AA Electric Dryer
DBB3300GA0AA Gas Dryer
DBLR333EG0CC Electric Dryer
DBLR333EG0WW Electric Dryer
DBSR463EG0WW Electric Dryer
DBSR463GG1WW Gas Dryer
DBXR463EG1CC Electric Dryer
DBXR463EG1WW Electric Dryer
DBXR463GD0CC Gas Dryer
DBXR463GD0WW Gas Dryer
DBXR463GD1WW Gas Dryer
DCSR483GA0AA Gas Dryer
DCSR483GA0WW Gas Dryer
DCXR463EA0AA Electric Dryer
DDC4400SAM Electric Dryer
DHSR333GV0WB Gas Dryer
DBB3300GA1AA Gas Dryer
DBLR333EG1CC Electric Dryer
DBLR333EG1WW Electric Dryer
DBSR453EA0WW Electric Dryer
DBSR463GG0WW Gas Dryer
DBXR453EV0WW Electric Dryer
DBXR463GD1CC Gas Dryer
DBXR463PF0CC Gas Dryer
DBXR463PF0WW Gas Dryer
DCSR473GV0AA Gas Dryer
DCSR483GA1AA Gas Dryer
DCXR453EV0WW Electric Dryer
DHDSR46GG0WW Gas Dryer

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dryer
Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
2 of 2 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Drum Slide - WE1M1067
Drum Bearing Slide - WE1M504
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Power Drill
Upper bearing assembly was destroyed and lower felt was also compromised.
1. Watched several videos of the repair on YouTube.
2. Ordered parts from eReplacement Parts.
3. Remove upper cowl from the dryer.
4. Remove top lid from dryer body.
5. Disconnect 3 wiring connectors and then remove control panel from dryer body.
6. Remove front panel of dryer body, but do not remove screws from around the dryer door. This will allow blower manifold body to remain attached to dryer front panel.
7. Remove light bulb from upper bearing assembly.
8. Remove wiring from harness clips on upper bearing assembly.
9. Remove upper bearing assembly from front panel.
10. Remove blower manifold body from front panel.
11. Vacuum all lint, debris, and plastic pieces from front panel, blower manifold, etc. Upper bearing assembly was DESTROYED and all pieces of it were ground into dust.
12. Remove old felt and discard.
13. Purchase new felt strip.
15. Install felt strip into clips on blower manifold body and make sure it's fully seated.
16. Wrap felt strip ends around retainer clips at either end of felt strip retainer.
17. Re-install blower manifold onto front panel.
18. Re-install upper bearing manifold onto front panel, making sure that it clips together with blower manifold body.
19. Re-install wiring into retainer clips and re-install light bulb.
20. Reinstall front panel, making sure to lift dryer drum into place so that it rides on upper bearing assembly.
21. Reinstall control panel and re-connect wiring connectors.
22. Reinstall dryer lid.
23. Reinstall upper cowl.
24. Test out dryer operation. Notice howling screeching is gone and that dryer will probably keep going for another 10 years.
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1 of 1 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Idler Pulley - WE12X83
Felt - WE09X20441
Drum Slide - WE1M1067
Drum Bearing Slide - WE1M504
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Duct tape
Drum wouldn't turn
1 Slid dryer away from wall and removed duct pipe and unplugged dryer
2 Removed control panel, making sure to unplug all internal connections, top of dryer and front of dryer which included door.
3 Found drive belt broke, and while I had dryer apart replaced drum slides, slide bearings, rear bearing assy., door felt, and idler pulley because I had this dryer apart before several years ago and the same parts were wore out.
4 Also replaced drive belt and cleaned all lint from blower housing and duct work, and everywhere else I found inside the dryer.
5 Putting the drum belt on was hard because you have no room for 2 arms inside and you have to route the belt around the drum, idler pulley, and motor pulley, very tricky with one arm and one hand, patience.
6 Reassembled sheet metal and ran, very quiet now
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1 of 1 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Drum Slide - WE1M1067
Drum Bearing Slide - WE1M504
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Nutdriver
Odd rubbing sound from the drum
Remove 2 screws that hold the top on
Remove the 2 screws that holds the front on.
Tilt front forward to access the slides
Pop the old ones out
Pop the new ones in
Replace front
Replaced top.
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Discussion for Drum Slide - ( WE1M1067 )
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Question: Green Slide Replacement


If this part is discontinued is it just replaced with 2 more white slides?
Hello 1538070,

The GE part number WE1M1067 Slide Green. Is available, and can be ordered at anytime.

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