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Part Number: 796608
Briggs and Stratton
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Product Information
This is a genuine OEM replacement part made for use with Briggs and Stratton engines. Carburetor is designed to mix air and gas so this combustible mixture can go in the engine. Often if the engine starts and then quickly dies, the carburetor is likely the problem.

To complete this repair you would need a screwdriver.

• Remove rear cover
• Remove old carburetor
• Install new carburetor
• Re-assemble and test the unit

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton

11P902-0119-B1 Engine
11P902-0120-B1 Engine
11P902-0123-B1 Engine
11P902-0124-B1 Engine
11P902-0126-B1 Engine
11P902-0127-B1 Engine
11P902-0128-B1 Engine
11P902-0693-B1 Engine
11P902-0783-B1 Engine
11P902-0809-B1 Engine
11P902-0875-B1 Engine
11P902-0881-B1 Engine
11P902-1556-B1 Engine
11P902-2128-B1 Engine
11P902-2693-B1 Engine
11P905-0826-B1 Engine
11P905-0873-B1 Engine
11P905-1267-B1 Engine
11P905-1310-B1 Engine
11P905-1326-B1 Engine
11P907-0122-B1 Engine
11P907-2122-B1 Engine
11P912-0121-B1 Engine
111P02-0110-F1 Engine
111P02-0111-F1 Engine
111P02-0112-F1 Engine
111P02-0693-F1 Engine
111P02-0783-F1 Engine
111P02-0880-F1 Engine
111P02-2693-F1 Engine
111P05-1311-F1 Engine
111P05-1312-F1 Engine
111P05-1317-F1 Engine
111P05-1323-F1 Engine
121Q02-0015-F1 Engine
121Q02-0025-F1 Engine
121Q02-0115-F1 Engine
121Q02-0121-F1 Engine
121Q02-0125-F1 Engine
121Q02-0126-F1 Engine
121Q02-2015-F1 Engine
121Q07-0060-F1 Engine
121Q07-0062-F1 Engine
121Q07-0117-F1 Engine
121Q07-2060-F1 Engine
121Q12-0008-F1 Engine
121Q12-0113-F1 Engine
121Q12-0118-F1 Engine
121Q12-0122-F1 Engine
121Q12-2008-F1 Engine
121Q72-0020-F1 Engine
121Q72-0116-F1 Engine
121Q72-0119-F1 Engine
121Q72-0120-F1 Engine
121Q72-2020-F1 Engine
121R02-0110-F1 Engine
121R02-1339-F1 Engine
121R05-0385-F1 Engine
121R05-0411-F1 Engine
121S02-0005-F1 Engine
121S02-0015-F1 Engine
121S02-0021-F1 Engine
121S02-0022-F1 Engine
121S02-0025-F1 Engine
121S02-0110-F1 Engine
121S02-0117-F1 Engine
121S02-0118-F1 Engine
121S02-0120-F1 Engine
121S02-2015-F1 Engine
121S02-2021-F1 Engine
121S02-2022-F1 Engine
121S02-2025-F1 Engine
121S05-0732-F1 Engine
121S05-1590-F1 Engine
121S07-0060-F1 Engine
121S07-0062-F1 Engine
121S07-0116-F1 Engine
121S07-1415-F1 Engine
121S07-2060-F1 Engine
121S07-2062-F1 Engine
121S07-2116-F1 Engine
121S07-2415-F1 Engine
121S12-0008-F1 Engine
121S12-0112-F1 Engine
121S12-0115-F1 Engine
121S12-2008-F1 Engine
121S17-0127-F1 Engine
121S17-0127-F2 Engine
121S72-0030-F1 Engine
121S72-0111-F1 Engine
121S75-0114-F1 Engine
121S75-0114-F2 Engine
121S75-0119-F1 Engine
121S75-2119-F1 Engine
121S75-2120-F1 Engine
121S75-2120-F2 Engine
121S77-0063-F1 Engine
12Q907-0133-B1 Engine
12Q907-0136-B1 Engine
12Q907-0140-B1 Engine
12Q907-0147-B1 Engine
12Q907-0883-B1 Engine
12Q907-0883-H1 Engine
12Q907-2133-B1 Engine
12Q912-0119-B1 Engine
12Q972-0117-B1 Engine
12Q972-0120-B1 Engine
12Q972-0121-B1 Engine
12Q972-0129-B1 Engine
12Q972-0130-B1 Engine
12Q972-0137-B1 Engine
12Q972-0155-B1 Engine
12Q972-0168-B1 Engine
12Q972-0170-B1 Engine
12Q972-0175-B1 Engine
12Q972-2130-B1 Engine
12Q902-0110-B1 Engine
12Q902-0111-B1 Engine
12Q902-0112-B1 Engine
12Q902-0115-B1 Engine
12Q902-0116-B1 Engine
12Q902-0118-B1 Engine
12Q902-0123-B1 Engine
12Q902-0125-B1 Engine
12Q902-0126-B1 Engine
12Q902-0131-B1 Engine
12Q902-0134-B1 Engine
12Q902-0135-B1 Engine
12Q902-0138-B1 Engine
12Q902-0139-B1 Engine
12Q902-0141-B1 Engine
12Q902-0142-B1 Engine
12Q902-0143-B1 Engine
12Q902-0146-B1 Engine
12Q902-0149-B1 Engine
12Q902-0154-B1 Engine
12Q902-0156-B1 Engine
12Q902-0158-B1 Engine
12Q902-0160-B1 Engine
12Q902-0166-B1 Engine
12Q902-0167-B1 Engine
12Q902-0169-B1 Engine
12Q902-0171-B1 Engine
12Q902-0172-B1 Engine
12Q902-0173-B1 Engine
12Q902-0174-B1 Engine
12Q902-0176-B1 Engine
12Q902-0177-B1 Engine
12Q902-0178-B1 Engine
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
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Tool Type:
Lawn Mower
Parts Used:
Carburetor - 796608
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Socket set
Hard to start, engine stalled when placed under load
Initially replaced air filter and spark plug. Also drained old gas and replaced with fresh gas. The engine was very difficult to start and if it did start would only run for a few seconds. Initially cleaned the carburetor which resulted in the lawn mower running a littler longer, but as soon as it was placed under load (cutting grass) the engine would stall. Decided to replace the carburetor. Once replaced, the engine started right up and work as expected.
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  • fit and worked perfectly
    The part was new fit perfectly, all parts included and mower runs as expected.
    Guest - July 6, 2022 Verified Purchase
    mower carb
    fast delivery, correct part, easy fix. good to go.
    irvin - March 3, 2022 Verified Purchase
    Easy lookup, right part delivered fast
    I was able to find the right part in stock received quickly, and my pressure washer is back up and running again. Easy fix and saved big versus a repair shop.
    Joe - June 28, 2021 Verified Purchase
    Worked as expected. Great part
    It arrived early and it worked good. Lawnmower runs like new. Thank you guys
    Guest - June 27, 2020 Verified Purchase
    They were very pleasant on the phone
    It was in good shape
    Guest - October 18, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Bolt it on and fire it up.
    Received as advertised and quickly.
    Guest - September 26, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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