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Axle End Cap,​​ Standard

Part Number: 731-04057A
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Product Information
This is an original replacement part manufactured for use with riding lawnmowers. The axle end cap covers the ends of the front suspension or pivot bar where the bushings, and axles are inserted. The axle end caps snap into place, they are sold individually.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

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13AM772F000 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AN772G000 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AN772G200 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F700 (2007) Lawn Tractor
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13A1762F700 (2006) Lawn Tractor
13A3762F700 (2006) Lawn Tractor
13A1760F700 (2005) Lawn Tractor
13A3760F700 (2005) Lawn Tractor
13A3761G700 (2005) Lawn Tractor
13A3771G700 (2005) Lawn Tractor
13A3791G700 (2005) Lawn Tractor
13AC650F000 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AC650F700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD685G000 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD685G700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD688G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD695G000 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD695G700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD698G300 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD698G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AF685G700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AF688G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AF695G700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AF698G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AG688H300 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AG688H722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AJ698G300 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AJ698G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
31AO791G718 (2005) Pro Tractor
13AJ771G004 (2009) Lawn Tractor
13AL771H004 (2009) Lawn Tractor
13AJ771G004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AJ771G204 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AJ795G004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AJ795G204 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AL771H004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AL795H004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AD688G300 (2004) Lawn Tractor Parts
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13A7688G300 (2003) Lawn Tractor Parts
13AD688G300 (2003) Lawn Tractor Parts
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13AN693G118 (2003) Lawn Tractor
13AO791G718 (2005) 42" Lawn Tractor
13AC762F304 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F372 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F401 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F720 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F730 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F301 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F709 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F371 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F307 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F513 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F713 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F382 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F121 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F205 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F705 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F706 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F026 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F726 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F054 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F745 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F754 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F704 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F029 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F229 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F134 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F138 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F729 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F929 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F129 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F151 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F206 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F308 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F033 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F019 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F057 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F118 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F131 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F022 (2008) Lawn Tractor
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13AC762F002 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F715 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F077 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F977 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F777 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F724 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F105 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F009 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F016 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F145 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F196 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F719 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F098 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F304 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F372 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F401 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F720 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F730 (2008) Lawn Tractor
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Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Axle End Cap, Standard - 731-04057A
Flange Bearing - 741-0660A
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Wrench Set
front steering bushing worn out-
removed left and right wheels- replaced bushing -good now
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The steering assembly on the wheel was completely worn out. We've used our riding mower heavily for over 10 years.
We were also changing the front Pivot Axle (ordered separately). We had to use our car jack to jack up the front of the mower - I have a mower jack, but that only picks up one side and we needed both front wheels off the ground. Then we had to remove the wheel on the side with the steering assembly, then the old steering assembly. There were 3 of us working on it - 2 senior females and 1 senior male. It was hard work for us, but we just took our time and got it done without any damages or injuries to ourselves or the mower. Some of the bolts are a little hard to get to - and you have to remove some other things from the front to get to the Pivot Axle - but it was worth it. It is now steering like a new mower once more. I mowed for 3 hours this morning and it worked great. Good to fix things yourself if you can.
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Tool Type:
Lawn Mower
Parts Used:
Plastic Flange Bearing - 741-0487C
Hex Flange Brg. .630 - 941-0225
Axle End Cap, Standard - 731-04057A
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Socket set, Wrench Set
steering was sloppy.
replaced bushings or bearings
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Axle End Cap, Standard - 731-04057A
Flange Bearing - 741-0660A
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Hammer & chisel
The flange and end caps worn out
I jacked up front of tractor and removed steering rod, took loose the steering arm off of the wheel shaft and removed wheel,then I took out old bushing and replaced it with the new parts and replaced everything as I had taken off back in reverse order.
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  • easy repair
    part fit like it should works great
    Ricky - April 6, 2021 Verified Purchase
    Just as described
    Part was what I needed.Quality Number 1
    Guest - September 3, 2020 Verified Purchase
    Dead Mower
    easy and simple repair
    Guest - July 15, 2020 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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