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Switch (Ac/Dc)

Part Number: 651172-0
Availability: 25+ in stock
Price: $15.28
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 651121-7 and 651168-1.

  • Genuine O.E.M. Makita switch
  • Features standard on/off operation
  • Heavy duty construction for long service life
This switch is a genuine Makita replacement switch. It is commonly found in Makita circular saws. The switch features standard on/off operation and has terminals for four wires. Over time, a switch will degrade and eventually wear out, requiring replacement.
It is also able to run on Ac & Dc power.

This switch is compatible with the models listed below, but it is not guaranteed to fit any other power tool models.
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Switch (Ac/Dc) - 651172-0
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Dropped a Part on Trigger,
Pretty simple, I think it took longer to find the part on the web. Flat head screw drive or a phillips Take the screws out of handle around trigger. No need to take any other scews out until you pry the handle apart, it is slotted has come straight out, then unscrew the cord, pop the old trigger out Remove screws in electrical connections . then put it back together.
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Question: Bo4510 Sander


how do I replace the felt pad once I get it ?
Reply: Bo4510 Sander


Hi 1186908,
If I remember right the pad has a pull off adhesive to it.Make sure the pad base is clean then peal and stick if I remember right. Hope that helps.Good luck.
Question: Clamper


One of the clampers are not working correctly so the sand paper falls off. How do I replace the clamper? Do I have to take the whole sander apart? This has been a wonderful sander and we have owner it for longer than I can remember. I did remove a few screws but sander is still very much intact and I am not able to get to the clamper. Is there a screw on the clamper that can be tighten or do I need to order a new clamper? Thanks for any help
Question: Sander Repair


How do I separate the two halves of a Makita BO4510 sander?
Reply: Sander Repair


While holding the fan from rotating with the screwdriver, use a phillips to remove the screw in center door of the felt pad. Then remove the 4 screws at the corners of the felt pad. Pull the base and fan off. You can leave the bearing in the base (mine are epoxied in). The fan keeps the housing from separating. Now just remove the 4 screws holding the halves together and carefully pull it apart. Usually most parts stay in one side. I have been rebuilding the 4 sanders that I have for over 20 years, the new ones they sell are disposable.
ben mulder
Question: Seperating Housing

ben mulder

On the BO4510, is there a trick to separating the halves of the housing? After they're 1/4" apart there is a definite "obstruction". Don't want to use force (yet)...
Question: Rubber Pad


My Makita sander is model BO4510 and the pad is worn out. It looks like rubber to me, not felt, and it uses the self-adhesive sandpaper, not clamps. What replacement pad do I need? It has 4 mounting holes
Reply: Rubber Pad


I have the same problem. I've owned my sander for almost 25 or more years and I bought it used. It runs great but finding the proper replacement pad is near to impossible. Seems to be a problem with Makita. They don't support the good old reliable tools they sold years ago.
Reply: Rubber Pad


My pad wore out, too, and I simply replaced it with a computer mouse pad that I cut up to fit.. I had to use a razor blade scraper to get all the old pad/adhesive off. My sander uses clamps, but think a mouse pad would still work for adhesive backed sandpaper. I applied the pad using an epoxy adhesive. It's worked as good as the original pad and it's been about two years of heavy use since I replaced it. Good luck
Question: Base For Makita BO4510


Ordered a new base (155304-6) for Makita BO4510 sander, and it is significantly different from the original- metal for one thing as compared to the original plastic. Luckily I also ordered the 155674-3 clampers, as the original clamps (over-center wire ones) will not work with the new-style base. My original plastic base is marked 4107896.

Please investigate and include a note that, when ordering the new base you will also need the new clampers.
Reply: Base For Makita BO4510


Hi spacechem. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Because of your input, we've gone ahead and made some changes to the Makita BO4510 sander listing on the website. It's very much appreciated, and I'm glad that your repair worked out.
Mike B.
Review: Makita - BO4510
5 star
Mike B.
Have had this sander for longer than I care to think about, have dropped it, got it wet, dropped it some more and it keeps on working. One of Makitas better designed tools.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Makita
Category Number: 651172-0
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.04 lbs.
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