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Body-Fuel Pump

Body-Fuel Pump

Part Number: 693487
Briggs and Stratton
Availability: 3 in stock
Price: $25.02
Ships within 1 business day

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
422447-4059-01 Engine
42A707-1107-01 Engine
42A707-1237-01 Engine
42A707-1238-01 Engine
42A707-1238-02 Engine
42A707-1251-01 Engine
42A707-1252-01 Engine
42A707-1269-01 Engine
42A707-1273-01 Engine
42A707-1293-99 Engine
42A707-1299-01 Engine
42A707-1300-01 Engine
42A707-1550-01 Engine
42A707-1600-01 Engine
42A707-1623-99 Engine
42A707-1624-01 Engine
42A707-1625-01 Engine
42A707-1631-99 Engine
42A707-1652-01 Engine
42A707-1653-01 Engine
42A707-1655-01 Engine
42A707-1707-E1 Engine
42A707-1838-A1 Engine
42A707-2107-E1 Engine
42A707-2238-E1 Engine
42A707-2238-E2 Engine
42A707-2240-99 Engine
42A707-2299-E1 Engine
42A707-2300-E1 Engine
42A707-2550-E1 Engine
42A707-2600-E1 Engine
42A707-2625-E1 Engine
42A707-2652-E1 Engine
42A707-2653-E1 Engine
42A707-2655-E1 Engine
42A777-1127-01 Engine
42A777-1201-01 Engine
42A777-1236-01 Engine
42A777-1270-01 Engine
42A777-1271-01 Engine
42A777-1272-01 Engine
42A777-1285-01 Engine
42A777-1286-01 Engine
42A777-1295-01 Engine
42A777-1298-01 Engine
42A777-1727-E1 Engine
42A777-1886-A1 Engine
42A777-2127-E1 Engine
42A777-2201-E1 Engine
42A777-2236-E1 Engine
42A777-2239-E1 Engine
42A777-2271-E1 Engine
42A777-2295-E1 Engine
42A777-2295-E3 Engine
42A777-2296-E1 Engine
42B707-1115-99 Engine
42B707-1116-99 Engine
42B707-1117-99 Engine
42B707-1265-01 Engine
42B707-1270-99 Engine
42B707-2200-E1 Engine
42B707-2265-E1 Engine
42D707-1231-01 Engine
42D707-1234-99 Engine
42D707-1280-01 Engine
42D707-1298-01 Engine
42D707-1540-01 Engine
42D707-1834-99 Engine
42D707-1880-A1 Engine
42D707-2131-99 Engine
42D707-2280-E1 Engine
42D707-2280-E3 Engine
42D707-2285-99 Engine
42D707-2298-E1 Engine
42D777-1281-01 Engine
42D777-1282-01 Engine
42D777-1881-A1 Engine
42D777-2281-E1 Engine
42D777-2281-E3 Engine
42D777-2282-E1 Engine
42E707-1631-01 Engine
42E707-1831-A1 Engine
42E707-2275-E1 Engine
42E707-2631-E1 Engine
42E707-2631-E2 Engine
42E707-2631-E3 Engine
42E777-1280-03 Engine
42E777-1831-E1 Engine
42E777-1880-E1 Engine
42E777-2280-E3 Engine
422432-1109-01 Engine
422432-1235-01 Engine
422432-1237-01 Engine
422432-4009-01 Engine
422435-0757-01 Engine
422435-1199-01 Engine
422435-1215-01 Engine
422435-4098-01 Engine
422435-4098-02 Engine
422437-0728-01 Engine
422437-0750-01 Engine
422437-0751-01 Engine
422437-0759-01 Engine
422437-1125-01 Engine
422437-1145-01 Engine
422437-1145-02 Engine
422437-1146-01 Engine
422437-1146-02 Engine
422437-1149-01 Engine
422437-1149-02 Engine
422437-1150-01 Engine
422437-1150-02 Engine
422437-1151-01 Engine
422437-1200-01 Engine
422437-1202-01 Engine
422437-1205-01 Engine
422437-1207-01 Engine
422437-1208-01 Engine
422437-1209-01 Engine
422437-1209-02 Engine
422437-1210-02 Engine
422437-1211-01 Engine
422437-1212-01 Engine
422437-1213-01 Engine
422437-1214-01 Engine
422437-1222-01 Engine
422437-1223-01 Engine
422437-1224-01 Engine
422437-1226-01 Engine
422437-1227-01 Engine
422437-1228-01 Engine
422437-1230-01 Engine
422437-1231-01 Engine
422437-1232-01 Engine
422437-1233-01 Engine
422437-1233-02 Engine
422437-1234-01 Engine
422437-1238-01 Engine
422437-1239-01 Engine
422437-1242-01 Engine
422437-1246-01 Engine
422437-1248-01 Engine
422437-1256-01 Engine
422437-1257-01 Engine
422437-1261-01 Engine
422437-1266-01 Engine
422437-1268-01 Engine
422437-1278-01 Engine
422437-1279-01 Engine
422437-1281-01 Engine

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Question: Engine Fuel Supply


Does this part "pump" fuel from the tank to the engine?? My engine model is 42A707, type is 2238E1.
Reply: Engine Fuel Supply


Dave, According to the carb diagrams, the fuel pump is mounted ON your carburetor which means the fuel tank is lower than the engine possibly. The pumps uses low crankcase pressure to enable it to help bring fuel from the fuel tank to the carburetor.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Category Number: 693487
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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