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Blower Wheel

Part Number: 73507
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Question: Blower Plate


I can not get air to blow out of the motor. Does that mean I need a new blower plate?
Reply: Blower Plate


Hello D1wormsie,

I would first check to make sure there are not any clogs in the vacuum. If everything looks good make sure the 73507 Blower Wheel is on tight. But it does sound like that is your problem.

Question: Available


Any idea when the Blower Wheel
Part Number: 73507
will be available?
Reply: Available


Hello JMOlshefski,

According to the manufacture, the part number 73507 blower wheel should be shipping mid to end of October (this month)

Hope this helps,
Product Information
Manufacturer: Ridgid
Category Number: 73507
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.15 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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