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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Screw,​ Lbd Thd Frm M5X0.​8X16

Part Number: 25 086 405-S
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 2408643-S and 24-086-43-S.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Kohler, Toro
Product Number: 25 086 405-S
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CH20-64567 Engine
CH20-64594 Engine
CH20-64595 Engine
CH20-64596 Engine
CH20-64608 Engine
CH20-64609 Engine
CH20S-64570 CH20S
CH20S-64581 CH20S
CH20S-64605 CH20S
CH18-62587 Engine
CH18-62592 Engine
CH18PS-62630 Engine
CH18S-62571 Engine
CH18S-62606 Engine
CH18S-62609 Engine
CH18S-62613 Engine
CH18S-62632 CH18S
CH18S-62636 CH18S
CH18S-62640 CH18S
CH18S-62649 CH18S
CH20S-64619 Engine
CH20S-64640 Engine
CH20S-64646 Engine
CH20S-64651 Engine
CH20S-64652 Engine
CH20S-64659 Engine
CH20S-64668 Engine
CH20S-64672 Engine
CH20S-64673 Engine
CH20S-64685 Engine
CH20S-64689 Engine
CH20S-64695 Engine
CH20S-64696 Engine
CH20S-64698 Engine
CH20ST-64669 Engine
CH20S-64714 Engine
CH20S-64723 Engine
CH20S-64730 Engine
CH20S-64745 Engine
CH20S-64746 Engine
CH20S-64749 Engine
CH22CS-76519 Engine
CH22S-76501 Engine
CH23S-76525 Engine
LV675-851509 Engine
LV675-851516 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0001 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0002 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0005 Engine
CH730PS-CH730-0122 Engine
CH640S-CH640-3016 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0007 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0008 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0010 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0013 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0018 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0019 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0020 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0024 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0026 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0030 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0039 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0040 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0041 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0052 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0055 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0058 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0060 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0062 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0077 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0083 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0093 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0094 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0095 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0001 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0002 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0004 Engine
CH25S-68586 Engine
CH25S-68589 Engine
CH25S-68590 Engine
CH25S-68591 Engine
CH25S-68595 Engine
CH25S-68600 Engine
CH25S-68607 Engine
CH25S-68609 Engine
CH25S-68611 Engine
CH25S-68614 Engine
CH25S-68619 Engine
CH25S-68625 Engine
CH25S-68626 Engine
CH25S-68627 Engine
CH25S-68628 Engine
CH25S-68631 Engine
CH25S-68632 Engine
CH25S-68635 Engine
CH25S-68637 Engine
CH25S-68644 Engine
CH25S-68646 Engine
CH25S-68651 Engine
CH25S-68652 Engine
CH25S-68658 Engine
CH25S-68659 Engine
CH25S-68662 Engine
CH25S-68663 Engine
CH25S-68668 Engine
CH25S-68671 Engine
CH680S-CH680-3016 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0010 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0013 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0014 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0022 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0023 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0027 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0031 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0034 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0047 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0050 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0055 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0059 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0061 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0067 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0068 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0071 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0072 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0077 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0078 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0079 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0081 Engine
CH750S-CH750-0002 Engine
CH750S-CH750-0003 Engine
CH750S-CH750-0005 Engine
CH750S-CH750-0015 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0089 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0094 Engine
CH23PS-76540 Engine
CH22S-76532 Engine
CH22S-76537 Engine
CH22S-76575 Engine
CH22S-76594 Engine
CH25PS-68612 Engine
CH25PS-68634 Engine
CH25PS-68661 Engine
CH25-68555 Engine
CH25S-68565 Engine
CH25S-68572 Engine
CV16S-43512 Engine
CV16S-43513 Engine
CV16S-43514 Engine
CV16S-43519 Engine
CV16S-43520 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Cable Clamp - 25 237 53-S
Screw, Lbd Thd Frm M5X0.8X16 - 25 086 405-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
, T-25 bit and driver
Choke cable broke.
I removed the old choke cable and I already had a spare choke cable on hand. So, I installed the new choke cable. (I stuck the cable end through the hole in the dash and pulled the cable through and secured it at the dash end). I then routed the new choke cable and attached it to the choke lever with new clamps and screws. Make sure you match part numbers to your machine. Installation went well. Thank you.
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Kohler, Toro
Product Number: 25 086 405-S
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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