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Screw,​ 8 X 0500

Part Number: 5303211311
Availability: Factory Backorder
Price: $11.61
Date Available: Unknown

*This part replaces obsolete part #: 134638100.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 5303211311
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.34 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GLGC30S8CSB Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S9JBA Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XGTA Frg/Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8CSA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8ABB Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8AQA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8ASB Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XGBA Frg/Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8AQA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8CBB Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8KBA Gas Gas Cooktop
PLGC30S8CCA Gas Cooktop
FGC30S8JSA Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC36S7FCA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8ASB Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8CQA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8CSB Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8KBA Gas Gas Cooktop
PLGC36S9ACA Gas Gas Cooktop
PLGC36S9CCA Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC30S8HBA Frg/Gas Cooktop
FGC36S6ABB Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S6ASB Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S8HBA Gas Cooktop, Gas
FGC3X8XEBD Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8ABA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8ASA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8KBB Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8KSA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8CBA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8CSA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8KSA Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S6ABC Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S6ASC Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC3X8XESD Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC3X8XETD Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC30S8HTA Frg/Gas Cooktop
FGC30S8JBA Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XGSA Frg/Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8ABA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8AQB Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8ASA Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S6ABA Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S6ASA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8CQB Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S9HBA Frg/Gas Cooktop
FGC6X5XEWD Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC6X7XEBD Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC6X7XESD Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
PLGC30S8ACA Gas Cooktop
FGC30S8HSA Frg/Gas Cooktop
FGC36S8HSA Gas Cooktop, Gas
FGC6X5XEDD Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8AQB Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8CBA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8CBB Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S6HBA Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S6HSA Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC3X8XEBC Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC3X8XESC Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XECD Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XESD Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8CQB Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8KSB Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC3X8XETC Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC3X8XEBA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC3X8XESA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC3X8XETA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8ABB Gas Gas Cooktop
PLGC30S8CCB Gas Cooktop
PLGC36S9CCB Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC36S6JBA Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XEBD Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC36S9HBB Frg(V0) / Gas Cooktop
FGC6X8XESA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XGCA Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC36S6JSA Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC6X5XEDA Gas Frigidaire Gas-Cooktop
FGC6X5XEWA Gas Frigidaire Gas-Cooktop
GLGC36S8CQA Gas Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XFWA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XECA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XCCA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XCS1 Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XECC Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XETC Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
GLEC30S9EBA Electric Electric Cooktop
GLEC30S9EQA Electric Electric Cooktop
GLEC30S9ESA Electric Electric Cooktop
GLEC30S9ESB Electric Electric Cooktop
PLEC30S9ECA Electric Electric Cooktop
PLEC30S9ECB Electric Electric Cooktop
FGC6X9XCB1 Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XCSA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XEBC Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XESC Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XCBA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XCC1 Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XCT1 Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
FGC6X9XCTA Gas Frigidaire Gas Cooktop
GLEC36S9EBA Electric Cooktop
GLEC36S9EBB Electric Cooktop
GLEC36S9EQA Electric Cooktop
GLEC36S9ESA Electric Cooktop
PLEC36S9ECA Frigidaire/Electric Cooktop
GLEC30S9EBB Electric Electric Cooktop
GLEC36S9EQB Electric Cooktop
GLEC30S9EQB Electric Electric Cooktop
GLEC36S9ESB Electric Cooktop
PLEC36S9ECB Frigidaire/Electric Cooktop
FGC3X8XGTA Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC3X8XGBA Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
FGC3X8XGSA Gas Frigidaire/Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8EBA Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8EQA Gas Cooktop
GLGC30S8ESA Gas Cooktop
LEGC30S9FEA Gas Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8EBA Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8EQA Gas Cooktop
GLGC36S8ESA Gas Cooktop
LEGC36S9FEA Gas Gas Cooktop
FPMC2785KFA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FPMC3085KFA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FGMC3065KWA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FGMC2765KBA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
GLEB27M9FBC Frigidaire/Microwave-Walloven
GLEB27M9FSC Frigidaire/Microwave-Walloven
CPMC3085KF1 Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FGMC2765KWA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FGMC3065KBA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
GLEB30M9FBC Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
GLEB30M9FBD Frigidaire/Wall Oven-Microwave
GLEB27M9FSD Frigidaire/Wall Oven/Microwave
GLEB30M9FSD Frigidaire/Wall Oven-Microwave
PLEB30M9ECF Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
GLEB27M9FBD Frigidaire/Wall Oven/Microwave
GLEB30M9FSC Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
CPEB30T9DC3 Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
FEB27T5DBB Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB27T5DBE Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB27T5DSE Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB30T5DBB Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
GLEB27T9FBB Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
GLEB30S8CBA Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
GLEB30S8CSA Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
CPEB30T9DC2 Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
CPEB30T9FC1 Built-In, Electric Wall Oven
FEB27T5DBA Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB27T5DBC Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
FEB27T5DCB Built-In, Electric Electric Oven
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Microwave
  • • Oven
  • • Range
Questions & Answers

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Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 5303211311
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.34 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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