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Part Number: 594281
Briggs and Stratton
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 594281
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.03 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
08P502-0029-H1 Engine
08P502-0030-H1 Engine
08P502-0031-H1 Engine
08P502-0033-H1 Engine
08P502-0034-F1 Engine
08P502-0035-H1 Engine
08P502-0036-H1 Engine
08P502-0037-H1 Engine
08P502-0038-H1 Engine
08P502-0039-H1 Engine
08P502-0040-H1 Engine
08P502-0041-H1 Engine
08P502-0042-F1 Engine
08P502-0043-H1 Engine
08P502-0044-H1 Engine
08P502-0045-H1 Engine
08P502-0046-F1 Engine
08P502-0047-F1 Engine
08P502-0048-H1 Engine
08P502-0049-F1 Engine
08P502-0050-H1 Engine
08P502-0051-H1 Engine
08P502-0052-H1 Engine
08P502-0053-H1 Engine
08P502-0054-F1 Engine
08P502-0055-F1 Engine
08P502-0056-H1 Engine
08P502-0057-H1 Engine
08P502-0058-H1 Engine
08P502-0059-H1 Engine
08P502-0060-H1 Engine
08P502-0061-H1 Engine
08P502-0062-H1 Engine
08P502-0063-F1 Engine
08P502-0064-F1 Engine
08P502-0065-H1 Engine
08P502-0066-H1 Engine
08P502-0067-H1 Engine
08P502-0068-H1 Engine
08P502-0069-H1 Engine
08P502-0070-H1 Engine
08P502-0071-H1 Engine
08P502-0072-H1 Engine
08P502-0073-H1 Engine
08P502-0074-H1 Engine
08P502-0075-H1 Engine
08P502-0076-H1 Engine
08P502-0077-H1 Engine
08P502-0078-H1 Engine
08P502-0079-F1 Engine
08P502-0080-H1 Engine
08P502-0081-H1 Engine
08P502-0082-H1 Engine
08P502-0083-H1 Engine
08P502-0084-H1 Engine
08P502-0085-H1 Engine
08P502-0086-H1 Engine
08P502-0087-H1 Engine
08P502-0088-H1 Engine
08P502-0089-H1 Engine
08P502-0090-H1 Engine
08P502-0091-H1 Engine
08P502-0092-H1 Engine
08P502-0093-H1 Engine
08P502-0094-H1 Engine
08P502-0095-H1 Engine
08P502-0096-H1 Engine
08P502-0097-H1 Engine
08P502-0098-H1 Engine
08P502-0099-H1 Engine
08P502-0100-H1 Engine
08P502-0101-H1 Engine
08P502-0102-H1 Engine
08P502-0103-H1 Engine
08P502-0104-H1 Engine
08P502-0105-F1 Engine
08P502-0106-H1 Engine
08P502-0107-H1 Engine
08P502-0108-H1 Engine
08P502-0109-F1 Engine
08P502-0110-F1 Engine
08P502-0111-F1 Engine
08P502-0112-H1 Engine
08P502-0113-H1 Engine
08P502-0114-H1 Engine
08P502-0115-H1 Engine
08P502-0116-H1 Engine
08P502-0117-H1 Engine
08P502-0118-H1 Engine
08P502-0119-H1 Engine
08P502-0120-H1 Engine
08P502-0121-H1 Engine
08P502-0122-H1 Engine
08P502-0123-H1 Engine
08P502-0124-H1 Engine
08P502-0125-H1 Engine
08P502-0126-H1 Engine
08P502-0127-F1 Engine
08P502-0128-H1 Engine
08P502-0129-H1 Engine
08P502-0130-H1 Engine
08P502-0131-H1 Engine
08P502-0132-H1 Engine
08P502-0133-H1 Engine
08P502-0134-H1 Engine
09P602-0060-F1 Engine
09P602-0061-H1 Engine
09P602-0062-H1 Engine
09P602-0064-H1 Engine
09P602-0065-H1 Engine
09P602-0066-H1 Engine
09P602-0067-H1 Engine
09P602-0068-H1 Engine
09P602-0069-H1 Engine
09P602-0070-H1 Engine
09P602-0071-H1 Engine
09P602-0072-H1 Engine
09P602-0073-H1 Engine
09P602-0074-H1 Engine
09P602-0075-H1 Engine
09P602-0076-F1 Engine
09P602-0077-F1 Engine
09P602-0078-H1 Engine
09P602-0079-H1 Engine
09P602-0080-H1 Engine
09P602-0081-H1 Engine
09P602-0082-H1 Engine
09P602-0083-H1 Engine
09P602-0084-H1 Engine
09P602-0085-F1 Engine
09P602-0086-H1 Engine
09P602-0087-H1 Engine
09P602-0088-H1 Engine
09P602-0089-H1 Engine
09P602-0090-F1 Engine
09P602-0091-H1 Engine
09P602-0092-H1 Engine
09P602-0093-H1 Engine
09P602-0094-H1 Engine
09P602-0095-F1 Engine
09P602-0096-F1 Engine
09P602-0097-H1 Engine
09P602-0098-H1 Engine
09P602-0099-H1 Engine
09P602-0100-H1 Engine
09P602-0101-H1 Engine
09P602-0102-H1 Engine
09P602-0103-H1 Engine
09P602-0104-H1 Engine
09P602-0105-H1 Engine
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Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Gasket-Air Cleaner - 799580
Primer-Carburetor - 594281
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers
Wouldn't feed gas
1. Removed filter assembly
2. Removed old primer bulb
3. Installed new primer bulb
4. Installed gasket
5. Reinstalled filter assembly
6. Pulled rope
7. Started
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  • Pump button
    I was happy to get it. The only thing i did not like it cost more to ship it then the part cost. It was put on and now the lawn mower works
    Guest - April 27, 2020 Verified Purchase
    So far So Good!
    I own a small standard Bolen 21" push lawn mower, could not get it started, my neighbor is mechanically inclined and said the primer button is not picking up the gas/fuel properly, and therefore, you are not able to get the mower started? I started the mower with a shot of carburetor cleaner, started right up, but shut off after 3-4-5 seconds, so, my neighbor said that should indicate that it is the primer button that is defective. Ordered quickly from ereplacement parts site, great professional experience, was told that the part was in stock at there connecting warehouse? took quite some time to finely find out the warehouse was actually out of this specific primer button, but once it came back into stock, it was shipped out, received as ordered, but, will be taking the mower and new primer button to my elderly mechanic tomorrow, 19th sept, and then I will find out quickly if this new primer button will be the solution to my nice mower not starting properly. if the button is the solution, it will be a excellent money saving decision to use e replacement parts excellent inexpensive price point, huge savings over local mower parts shops, I will respond once the mower has the new prime button installed?
    Guest - September 18, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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    Product Information
    Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
    Product Number: 594281
    Classification: Part
    Weight: 0.03 lbs.
    Shipping: Ships Worldwide
    7036 South High Tech Dr.
    Midvale, UT 84047
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