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Part Number: 699769
Briggs and Stratton
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 699769
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an authentic Briggs & Stratton replacement part that has been sourced from the original manufacturer to be used with small engines. The metal muffler connects to the exhaust port on the cylinder and is used to reduce noise and to limit sparks from exiting with the exhaust. This item is available as an individual replacement part. A hex socket wrench is needed to install this part.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
12A600 Series (0100-0112) Engine
12B600 Series (0100-0104) Engine
12C600 Series (0100-0118) Engine
12D600 Series (0015-0119) Engine
AA0101-0001 Outboard Motor
AA0101-0005 Outboard Motor
AA0101-0020 Outboard Motor
AA0101-0025 Outboard Motor
AA0101-0001-01 Engine
AA0101-0005-01 Engine
AA0101-0020-01 Engine
AA0101-0025-01 Engine
11A602-0100-E1 Engine
11A602-0111-E1 Engine
11A602-0113-E1 Engine
11A602-0114-E1 Engine
11A602-0115-E1 Engine
11A602-0125-E1 Engine
11A602-0147-E1 Engine
11A602-0150-E1 Engine
11A602-0151-E1 Engine
11A602-0152-E1 Engine
11A602-0169-E1 Engine
11A602-0170-E1 Engine
11A682-0118-E1 Engine
11A682-0119-E1 Engine
11A687-0108-E1 Engine
11C602-0100-E1 Engine
11C602-0110-E1 Engine
110602-0118-E1 Engine
110682-0114-E1 Engine
111602-0100-E1 Engine
111602-0101-E1 Engine
111602-0105-E1 Engine
111602-0136-E1 Engine
111602-0137-E1 Engine
111602-0139-E1 Engine
111602-0141-E1 Engine
111602-0145-E1 Engine
111602-0146-E1 Engine
111602-0149-E1 Engine
111602-0150-E1 Engine
111602-0151-E1 Engine
111602-0156-E1 Engine
111602-0157-E1 Engine
111602-0159-E1 Engine
111602-0162-E1 Engine
111602-0168-E1 Engine
111602-0169-E1 Engine
111602-0172-E1 Engine
111602-0174-E1 Engine
111602-0175-E1 Engine
111602-0176-E1 Engine
111607-0158-E1 Engine
111682-0135-E1 Engine
111682-0138-E1 Engine
111682-0140-E1 Engine
111682-0142-E1 Engine
111682-0143-E1 Engine
111682-0144-E1 Engine
111682-0147-E1 Engine
111682-0148-E1 Engine
111682-0152-E1 Engine
111682-0155-E1 Engine
111682-0163-E1 Engine
111682-0164-E1 Engine
111682-0165-E1 Engine
111682-0170-E1 Engine
111687-0166-E1 Engine
111687-0171-E1 Engine
120602-0041-E1 Engine
120602-0100-B1 Engine
120602-0100-E1 Engine
120602-0105-B1 Engine
120602-0105-E1 Engine
120602-0111-E1 Engine
120602-0115-E1 Engine
120602-0119-B1 Engine
120602-0119-E1 Engine
120602-0120-E1 Engine
120602-0121-E1 Engine
120602-0129-E1 Engine
120602-0131-E1 Engine
120602-0135-B1 Engine
120602-0135-E1 Engine
120602-0135-E2 Engine
120602-0137-E1 Engine
120602-0138-E1 Engine
120602-0141-E1 Engine
120602-0143-E1 Engine
120602-0146-E1 Engine
120602-0146-E2 Engine
120602-0150-E1 Engine
120602-0153-E1 Engine
120602-0164-E1 Engine
120602-0182-B1 Engine
120602-0182-E1 Engine
120602-0195-E1 Engine
120602-0200-E1 Engine
120607-0128-E1 Engine
120607-0139-E1 Engine
120607-0154-E1 Engine
120609-0112-E1 Engine
120612-0110-E1 Engine
120612-0117-B1 Engine
120612-0117-E1 Engine
120612-0132-B1 Engine
120612-0132-E1 Engine
120612-0132-E2 Engine
120612-0133-B1 Engine
120612-0133-B2 Engine
120612-0133-E1 Engine
120612-0133-E2 Engine
120612-0149-E1 Engine
120612-0152-E1 Engine
120612-0177-B1 Engine
120612-0177-E1 Engine
120682-0130-E1 Engine
120682-0142-E1 Engine
121602-0015-A1 Engine
121602-0015-B1 Engine
121602-0015-E1 Engine
121602-0016-B1 Engine
121602-0016-E1 Engine
121602-0019-E1 Engine
121602-0021-B1 Engine
121602-0021-E1 Engine
121602-0022-B1 Engine
121602-0022-E1 Engine
121602-0025-B1 Engine
121602-0025-E1 Engine
121602-0026-E1 Engine
121602-0058-E1 Engine
121602-0100-B1 Engine
121602-0100-E1 Engine
121602-0101-B1 Engine
121602-0101-E1 Engine
121602-0112-B1 Engine
121602-0112-B2 Engine
121602-0112-E1 Engine
121602-0112-E2 Engine
121602-0115-01 Engine
121602-0117-01 Engine
121602-0118-E1 Engine
121602-0120-E1 Engine
121602-0121-E1 Engine
121602-0126-E1 Engine
121602-0127-B1 Engine
121602-0127-E1 Engine
121602-0128-B1 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
Questions & Answers

Is there any way this part would fit a 6.75 horsepower Snapper mower or is there an after market part available
Edward Smith for model number P2167517BV
Hello Edward, thank you for writing. We would be happy to look into this, but we will need the model number for the engine to do so. We look forward to hearing back from you.
Where do i find the engine model #
Edward Smith
Hello Edward, this depends on you brand , but it should be on a sticker or imprinted metal label directly on the engine. Hope this help
Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Muffler - 699769
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Socket set, Wrench Set
Muffler corroding
Remove the muffler guard
Remove the old muffler and gasket
Install the new muffler and gasket
Install the muffler guard
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 699769
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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