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Link,​ Coupler,​ (requires 2),​ Auto Rack

Part Number: 316546300
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Frigidaire
Product Number: 316546300
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.02 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is a genuine Frigidaire part for use with ranges. The Oven rack link arm connects the oven rack to the oven door connector bracket, allowing the oven rack to automatically extend out when the door is opened. This part is sold individually. Make sure the oven is cool before replacing this link. There are no tools needed to replace this part.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CGEF3057KFG Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPEF3081KFE Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3057KFD Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGEF3077KBE Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3077KWD Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPEF3081KFF Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3057KFE Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3057KFF Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3077KBD Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3077KWE Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPEF3081KFD Frigidaire/Range
CGEF3077KWB Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPEF3081KFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPEF3081KFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3057KFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3057KFC Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3077KWC Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3077KBB Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3077KBC Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPEF3081KFC Frigidaire/Range
CGEF3055KWB Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055KBB Frigidaire/Electric Range
BGEF3042KFD Frigidaire/Range
CGEF3055KWC Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055KWD Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055KBC Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055KBD Frigidaire/Electric Range
BGEF3042KFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
BGEF3044KFB Frigidaire/Range
BGGF3042KFA Frigidaire/Gas Range
BGEF3032KBA Frigidaire/Electric Range
BGEF3032KWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
BGGF3042KFB Frigidaire/Gas Range
BGEF3032KBB Frigidaire/Electric Range
BGEF3032KWC Frigidaire/Range
BGGF3042KFC Frigidaire/Gas Range
BGEF3032KBC Frigidaire/Range
BGEF3032KWB Frigidaire/Electric Range
BGEF3042KFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
BGEF3042KFC Frigidaire/Electric Range
BGEF3044KFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3032KBD Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3032KBE Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3034MFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3042KFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3042KFE Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3042KFF Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3032KBA Frigidaire/Range
CGEF3032KBB Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3032KWC Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055KBA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055KFD Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055KFE Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055MFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055MWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGGF3032KWB Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGEF3032KBC Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3032KWB Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3032KWD Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3034MFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3034MWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3042KFG Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055KFB Frigidaire/Range
CGEF3055KFC Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055MBA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3032KWA Frigidaire/Range
CGEF3032KWE Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3042KFC Frigidaire/Range
CGEF3042KFD Frigidaire/Range
CGEF3055KFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055KFF Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF3055KWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGGF3054KBC Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3054KFC Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KWC Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3032KBB Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3032KBG Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3042KFB Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KBB Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KFB Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KWB Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3032KWG Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3032KWA Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3042KFA Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3042KFG Frigidaire/Range
DGGF3032KBA Frigidaire/Gas Range
BGGF3042KFD Frigidaire/Range
BGGF3042KFE Frigidaire/Range
BGGF3042KFF Frigidaire/Range
BGGF3042KFG Frigidaire/Gas Range
BGGF3042KFH Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3042KFG Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3054KFE Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3054KWH Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3054MFB Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3032KWD Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3042KFD Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3042KFK Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KBF Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KWF Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054MWA Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3032KBD Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3032KBJ Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3042KFF Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3042KFJ Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KFG Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KFH Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KFJ Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KFK Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054MFA Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3032KWJ Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3042KFE Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3054MBA Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3032KBB Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3032KBF Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3032KBG Frigidaire/Range
DGGF3032KWJ Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3042KFF Frigidaire/Range
DGGF3042KFJ Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3032KBC Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3032KBD Frigidaire/Range
DGGF3032KBJ Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3032KWB Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3042KFB Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3042KFD Frigidaire/Range
DGGF3042KFH Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3032KWC Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3032KWD Frigidaire/Range
DGGF3032KWE Frigidaire/Range
DGGF3032KWF Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3042KFC Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3042KFK Frigidaire/Gas Range
DGGF3032KBE Frigidaire/Range
DGGF3032KWG Frigidaire/Range
DGGF3042KFE Frigidaire/Range
BGGF3042KFN Frigidaire/Gas Range
BGGF3042KFM Frigidaire/Gas Range
BGGF3042KFJ Frigidaire/Gas Range
BGGF3042KFK Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3056KFA Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3076KWD Frigidaire/Gas Range
CPGF3081KFG Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3076KBG Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3076KWG Frigidaire/Range
CGGF3042KFH Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KBK Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3054KWK Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3056KFB Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3056KFC Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGGF3076KBB Frigidaire/Gas Range
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Range
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
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Parts Used:
Link, Coupler, (requires 2), Auto Rack - 316546300
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
, None required
Oven door hard to close
Removed old warped link and installed new parts link
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  • fit right in like the original parts
    got the new part in expected time frame and installed - it fit just like the original parts.
    Guest - December 12, 2020 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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    Product Information
    Manufacturer: Frigidaire
    Product Number: 316546300
    Classification: Part
    Weight: 0.02 lbs.
    Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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