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Insulation,​Oven Door

Part Number: 316405602
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $24.45
Leaves our warehouse within
5 - 11 business days.

*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 316076404.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Uni
Product Number: 316405602
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.30 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

KB443GDM0 Wwh(V1) / Electric Continuous Clean Oven
KB443GDM1 Wwh(V2) / Electric Continuous Clean Oven
KB883GDM1 Wwh(V1) / Electric Double Oven W/Self Clean Upper
KB883GDMO Wwh(V2) / Electric Double Oven W/Self Clean Upper
CE303VP2W01-23 Tap(V11) / Electric Range
77-4957-23-09 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
F04C322BSA Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
F04B322BDA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
F04B322BWB Freestanding, Electric Electric-Range
F04B322BWC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
F04C322BSB Slide-In, Electric Electric-Range
F04B322BDB Freestanding, Electric Electric-Range
FED300WAB1 Drop-In, Electric Electric Range
37-1009-23-03 Tap(V6) / Electric Range
CE300SP2Y1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
37-1009-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE300SP2D1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
CE300SP2W1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
37-1009-23-05 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-1039-23-03 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-1039-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
73-3757-23-09 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
73-3757-66-09 Tap(V3) / Electric Range
F04C352BTA Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
F04C352BSA Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
F04C352BTC Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
F04C352BSC Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
37-1009-23-01 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
F04C352BTB Slide-In, Electric Electric-Range
F04C352BSB Slide-In, Electric Electric-Range
F04B350EDC Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04S350BWA Electric Electric Range
31-2232-23-01 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
F04B350EDB Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B350EWB Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B350EWC Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04S350BDA Electric Electric Range
F04B350EDA Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B350BWA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
F04B350EWA Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
31-1049-23-03 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE300SP2J01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
CE300SP2Y01 Gib(V9) / Electric Range
31-2442-23-01 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
F04S350BWB Electric Electric Range
F04B357BDG Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric-Range
F04B357BWG Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric-Range
31-2208-66-03 Tap(V9) / Electric Range
31-2208-66-02 Tap(V6) / Electric Range
31-2208-23-03 Tap(V8) / Electric Range
F04C367BBA Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
F04C367BSA Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CE301SP2D2 Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CE301SP2W2 Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
F04C367BTA Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
F04B350BWB Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B357BWA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
F04B357BDA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
F04B350BWC Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
31-2208-66-01 Tap(V3) / Electric Range
F04B350BDC Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
31-2208-23-01 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE301SP2D1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
F04C367BTB Slide-In, Electric Electric-Range
F04C367BSB Slide-In, Electric Electric-Range
F04B357BWF Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
31-3978-00-04 Tap(V10) / Electric Range
CG301SP2D03 Frg(V4) / Gas Range
F04B357BWE Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
F04B357BDC Freestanding, Electric Electric-Range
F04B357BWB Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B357BDB Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B357BWC Freestanding, Electric Electric-Range
CGC1M1WXD Gib(V1) / Gas Range
CE303VP2WJ01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
30-1049-23-03 Tap(V6) / Gas Range
31-2239-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE303VP2D1 Frg(V2) / Electric Range
32-1019-23-07 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
31-2549-23-03 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
32-1019-23-06 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
CG300SP2WY01 Gib(V9) / Gas Range
CG300SP2WH01 Frg(V3) / Gas Range
30-1049-23-01 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
CG300SP2WW01 Frg(V1) / Gas Range
30-1049-23-02 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
32-1019-23-05 Tap(V6) / Gas Range
CE301SP2D01 Kel(V14) / Electric Range
CE301SP2L01 Kel(V14) / Electric Range
CE301SP2W01 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
32-1019-23-03 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
32-1039-23-05 Tap(V6) / Gas Range
32-1039-23-06 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
32-1039-23-03 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
32-1039-23-04 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
CE303VP2WH01 Frg(V3) / Electric Range
CE303VP2J01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
CE303VP2WY01 Gib(V9) / Electric Range
CE302BP2WJ01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
31-2649-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE303VP2W01-66 Tap(V12) / Electric Range
CE303VP2Y01 Gib(V9) / Electric Range
CE302BP2WW01 Frg(V1) / Electric Range
CE302BP2WD01 Kel(V14) / Electric Range
31-3349-23-03 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
CG301SP2WJ01 Kel(V15) / Gas Range
CG301SP2WD01 Kel(V14) / Gas Range
32-2639-32-02 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
31-2649-23-03 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
31-3349-23-02 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
31-3349-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CP303VP2W01 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
30-6239-23-02 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
30-6539-23-04 Tap(V6) / Gas Range
30-6539-23-02 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
30-6539-23-03 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
30TESKWED-23 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
30TESKWED-04-23 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
30TESKWED-23-03 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
30TESKWED-23-02 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
30-2139-23-01 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
30-2139-23-02 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
F64B353BDA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
F64C353BSA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
F64C353BTA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
F64B353BDB Freestanding, Gas Frigidaire Gas Range
F64B353BWB Freestanding, Gas Frigidaire Gas Range
30-6759-23-02 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
72-7657-66-08 Tap(V6) / Gas Range
F64B350BDA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
F64C353BTB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
72-7657-23-08 Tap(V5) / Gas Range
F64B350BWA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
CP302BP2WY01 Gib(V9) / Gas Range
73-7857-23-05 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CP302BP2WJ01 Kel(V15) / Gas Range
30-3649-66-03 Tap(V9) / Gas Range
73-7857-66-05 Tap(V3) / Electric Range
30-3649-23-03 Tap(V8) / Gas Range
72-3657-23-12 Tap(V8) / Gas Range
72-3657-66-12 Tap(V9) / Gas Range
30-3349-23-03 Tap(V6) / Gas Range
72-2547-23-09 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
73-7857-66-06 Tap(V6) / Electric Range
30-3649-66-04 Tap(V3) / Gas Range
F64B350BWB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
30-3649-23-05 Tap(V5) / Gas Range
73-3957-66-05 Tap(V3) / Electric Range
F64B350BDB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
72-3657-66-10 Tap(V3) / Gas Range

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Oven
  • • Range
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