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Element,​​ Precleaner

Part Number: 24 083 05-S
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Product Information
This is a genuine OEM sourced replacement part is designed for use with Kohler engines that are commonly installed on lawn and garden equipment. The purpose of this precleaner element is to provide an extra level of filtration helping to remove dust and other contaminants from the air that is supplied into the engine. Note, this high-quality element is made of durable material and is sold individually. No tools needed to replace this filter, simply take out the old filter and replace it with a new one. To ensure the proper installation, refer to the owner's manual for your model.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CV18S-61574 Engine
CV23S-75530 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75531 Command Pro Engine
CV20S-65566 Engine
CV20S-65570 Engine
CV20S-65571 Engine
CV20S-65577 Engine
CV20S-65587 Engine
CV22-67544 Engine
CV23-75541 Engine
CV23-75545 Engine
CV23-75569 Engine
CV23-75579 Engine
CV23-75590 Engine
CV680-3010 Command Pro Twin Engine
CV724-69551 Engine
CV730-0016 Engine
CV730-0017 Engine
CV730-0018 Engine
CV730-0024 Engine
CV730-0026 Engine
CV730-0027 Engine
CV730-0028 Command Pro Twin Engine
CV730-0029 Command Pro Twin Engine
CV23-75591 Command Pro Engine
CV730-0006 Command Pro Engine
CH25s-68538 Engine
CV730-0040 Misc
CV674-75544 Command Pro Series Engine
CH620-0017 18 HP Engine
CH620-3017 18 HP Engine
CH18-62609 18 HP Engine
CH18-62627 18 HP Engine
CH18-62630 18 HP Engine
CH18-62649 18 HP Engine
CH18-62660 18 HP Engine
CH20-64568 20 HP Engine
CH20-64569 20 HP Engine
CH20-64622 20 HP Engine
CH20-64626 20 HP Engine
CH20-64646 20 HP Engine
CH20-64648 20 HP Engine
CH20-64673 20 HP Engine
CH20-64688 20 HP Engine
CH20-64689 20 HP Engine
CH20-64691 20 HP Engine
CH20-64696 20 HP Engine
CH20-64697 20 HP Engine
CH20-64700 20 HP Engine
CH20-64714 20 HP Engine
CH20-64716 20 HP Engine
CH20-64721 20 HP Engine
CH20-64722 20 HP Engine
CH20-64723 20 HP Engine
CH20-64725 20 HP Engine
CH20-64727 20 HP Engine
CH20-64733 20 HP Engine
CH20-64736 20 HP Engine
CH20-64738 20 HP Engine
CH20-64762 20 HP Engine
CH20-64763 20 HP Engine
CH22-66547 22 HP Engine
CH22-66555 22 HP Engine
CH22-66556 22 HP Engine
CH22-76501 22 HP Engine
CH22-76521 22 HP Engine
CH22-76534 22 HP Engine
CH22-76537 22 HP Engine
CH22-76573 22 HP Engine
CH22-76575 22 HP Engine
CH22-76576 22 HP Engine
CH22-76583 22 HP Engine
CH22-76587 22 HP Engine
CH22-76592 22 HP Engine
CH22-76593 22 HP Engine
CH22-76594 22 HP Engine
CH22-76601 22 HP Engine
CH22-76605 22 HP Engine
CH22-76608 22 HP Engine
CH22-76612 22 HP Engine
CH22-76613 22 HP Engine
CH23-76501 22 HP Engine
CH23-76513 23 HP Engine
CH23-76522 23 HP Engine
CH23-76525 23 HP Engine
CH23-76540 23 HP Engine
CH23-76543 23 HP Engine
CH23-76548 23 HP Engine
CH23-76554 23 HP Engine
CH23-76557 23 HP Engine
CH23-76558 23 HP Engine
CH23-76559 23 HP Engine
CH23-76563 23 HP Engine
CH23-76566 23 HP Engine
CH23-76570 23 HP Engine
CH23-76572 23 HP Engine
CH23-76581 23 HP Engine
CH23-76582 23 HP Engine
CH23-76585 23 HP Engine
CH23-76596 23 HP Engine
CH23-76598 23 HP Engine
CH23-76599 23 HP Engine
CH23-76604 23 HP Engine
CH23-76606 23 HP Engine
CH23-76609 23 HP Engine
CH23-76611 23 HP Engine
CH23-76614 23 HP Engine
CH23-76615 23 HP Engine
CH23-76626 23 HP Engine
CH23-76628 23 HP Engine
CH23-76631 23 HP Engine
CH23-76632 23 HP Engine
CH23-76636 23 HP Engine
CH23-76638 23 HP Engine
CH23-76639 23 HP Engine
CH25-68500 25 HP Engine
CH25-68501 25 HP Engine
CH25-68503 25 HP Engine
CH25-68504 25 HP Engine
CH25-68506 25 HP Engine
CH25-68508 25 HP Engine
CH25-68509 25 HP Engine
CH25-68512 25 HP Engine
CH25-68513 25 HP Engine
CH25-68514 25 HP Engine
CH25-68515 25 HP Engine
CH25-68516 25 HP Engine
CH25-68518 25 HP Engine
CH25-68519 25 HP Engine
CH25-68520 25 HP Engine
CH25-68521 25 HP Engine
CH25-68523 25 HP Engine
CH25-68524 25 HP Engine
CH25-68525 25 HP Engine
CH25-68528 25 HP Engine
CH25-68533 25 HP Engine
CH25-68534 25 HP Engine
CH25-68536 25 HP Engine
CH25-68537 25 HP Engine
CH25-68538 25 HP Engine
CH25-68539 25 HP Engine
CH25-68541 25 HP Engine
CH25-68542 25 HP Engine
CH25-68543 25 HP Engine
CH25-68545 25 HP Engine
CH25-68546 25 HP Engine
CH25-68548 25 HP Engine
CH25-68549 25 HP Engine
CH25-68550 25 HP Engine
CH25-68551 25 HP Engine
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Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Lawn Mower
Parts Used:
Spring, Governor - 24 089 46-S
Spring, Throttle Shaft - 24 089 20-S
Element, Precleaner - 24 083 05-S
Element, Air Cleaner - 24 083 03-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set
Was not governing right
Replace governor spring reset governor and replace air filter and pre cleaner
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Fuel Filter - 24 050 13-S1
Element, Precleaner - 24 083 05-S
Element, Air Cleaner - 24 083 03-S
Plug, Spark (Std) - 12 132 02-S
Oil Filter - 12 050 01-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Socket set, Wrench Set, Adjustable Wrench
Just a tune up
Just did what I had to do
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