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Duct,​ Oven Vent

Part Number: 318072577
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Product Information

This part is compatible with the following machines:

FGMC2765KBA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FPMC2785KFA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
CPMC3085KF1 Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FPMC3085KFA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FGMC3065KBA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
FGMC3065KWA Frigidaire/Walloven-Microwave Combo
CPEW2785KF1 Frigidaire/Walloven
CGEW3065KBA Frigidaire/Walloven
CGEW3065KWA Frigidaire/Walloven
CPEW3085KF1 Frigidaire/Walloven
CGEW3065KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
CPDS3085KF1 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CPDS3085KF2 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CPDS3085KF3 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGDS3065KB2 Frigidaire/Range
CGDS3065KF2 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGDS3065KF3 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGDS3065KW2 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGDS3065KB1 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGDS3065KF1 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGDS3065KW1 Frigidaire/Gas Range
CGES3045KB1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGES3045KW1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPES3085KF1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPES3085KF2 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGES3065KB2 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGES3065KF2 Frigidaire/Range
CGES3065KW1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGES3065KF1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGES3065KB1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGES3065KW2 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CPET3085KF1 Frigidaire/Walloven
CPET3085KF2 Frigidaire/Wall Oven
CGEF304DKF3 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF304DKF2 Frigidaire/Electric Range
CGEF304DKF1 Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGEW2745KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW2745KWA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW3045KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW3045KBA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW3045KWA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW2745KBA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW2765KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW3065KBA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW3065KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW2765KWA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW2765KBA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEW3065KWA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGDS3065KBA Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3065KBB Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3065KFC Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3065KFA Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3075KBA Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3075KWA Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3065KWB Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3065KBC Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3065KFB Frigidaire/Range
FGDS3065KWC Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3075KBB Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3075KWB Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGDS3065KWA Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGES3045KWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3045KFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3045KBA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3075KWB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3065KFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3065KWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3075KBB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3065KBA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3075KBA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3075KWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3065KBB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3065KFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGES3065KWB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGET3045KBA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET3045KWA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET2745KWA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET2745KBA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET3045KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET2745KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET2765KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET3065KBA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET2765KBA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET2765KWA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGET3065KWA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEF304DKBC Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGEF304DKWC Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGEF304DKBB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGEF304DKFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGEF304DKFC Frigidaire/ Range
FGEF304DKWB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGET3065KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FGEF304DKWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGEF304DKBA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGEF304DKFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FPEW3085KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FPEW2785KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FPDS3085KFA Frigidaire/Gas Range
FPDS3085KFB Frigidaire/Gas Range
FPDS3085KFC Frigidaire/Gas Range
FPES3085KFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FPES3085KFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FPET3085KFB Frigidaire/Wall Oven
FPET3085KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
FPET2785KFA Frigidaire/Walloven
LGEF304DKFB Frigidaire/Electric Range
LGEF304DKFA Frigidaire/Electric Range
EW27EW55GW4 Range
EW27EW55GB4 Range
EW30EW5CGS4 Range
EW30EW5CGB3 Range
EW30EW5CGB4 Range
EW30EW5CGS5 Range
EW30EW5CGW4 Range
EW30EW55GS4 Range
EW30EW55GS5 Range
EW27EW55GW3 Range
EW27EW5CGS3 Range
EW30EW5CGW3 Range
EW27EW5CGS5 Range
EW30EW55GB3 Range
EW30EW55GB4 Range
EW30EW55GW3 Range
EW30EW55GW4 Range
EW27EW55GB3 Range
EW27EW55GS4 Range
EW27EW55GS5 Range
EW27EW5CGS2 Range
EW30DS6CGB3 Range
EW30DS6CGW2 Range
EW30DS6CGB2 Range
EW30DS6CGW3 Range
EW30DS65GB4 Range
EW30DS65GW2 Range
EW30DS65GW4 Range
EW30DS65GB2 Range
EW30DS65GB3 Range
EW30DS65GW3 Range
EW30DS6CGS4 Range
EW30DS65GS5 Range
EW30ES65GWC Range
EW30ES6CGB2 Range
EW30ES6CGW2 Range
EW30ES65GBC Range
EW30ES6CGW3 Range
EW30ES6CGB3 Range
EW30ES6CGS4 Range
EW30ES65GSD Range
EW30ES6CGS3 Range
EW30ES65GSB Range
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