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Clip,​ Controller

Part Number: 216954300
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $9.80
Leaves our warehouse within
4 - 10 business days.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 216954300
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.20 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

FFC05M0AW3 Chest Freezer
FFC05M0AW5 Chest Freezer
FFC05M0AW4 Chest Freezer
FFC05M1CW4 Chest Freezer
FFC05M1CW2 Chest Freezer
FFC05M1CW3 Chest Freezer
FFC05M1CW5 Chest Freezer
FFC09K0DW1 Chest Freezer
FFC05K0DW1 Chest Freezer
FFC05K2CW3 Chest Freezer
FFC07K0CW4 Chest Freezer
FFC07K0DW1 Chest Freezer
FCCG201FW2 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522DW0 Chest Freezer
FFC05K0DW0 Chest Freezer
FFC05K0DW3 Chest Freezer
FFC0723DW2 Chest Freezer
FFC07C2CW8 Chest Freezer
FFC07K0DW0 Chest Freezer
FFC07K0DW4 Chest Freezer
WFC07M2AW5 White Westinghouse/Freezer
FCCG151FW2 Frigidaire Commercial/Freezer
FFC05K1CW4 Chest Freezer
FFC07C2CW6 Chest Freezer
FFC07K2CW5 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0923DW1 Chest Freezer
FFC09C3AW6 Chest Freezer
FFC09K2CW3 Chest Freezer
WFC07M2AW4 White Westinghouse/Freezer
WFC07M2AW8 White Westinghouse/Freezer
FFC0522DW2 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522DW4 Chest Freezer
FFC0522DW6 Chest Freezer
FFC0522FW0 Chest Freezer
FFC0522GB0 Chest Freezer
FFC0522GB1 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC05K1CW3 Chest Freezer
FFC05K1CW6 Chest Freezer
FFC05K1CW8 Chest Freezer
FFC0723DW0 Chest Freezer
FFC0723DW11 Chest Freezer
FFC0723DW7 Chest Freezer
FFC0723DW9 Chest Freezer
FFC0723FW0 Chest Freezer
FFC0723GB0 Chest Freezer
FFC0723GB1 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723GB3 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723GB4 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723GB5 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC07C3AW7 Chest Freezer
FFC07C3AW8 Chest Freezer
FFC07K2CW4 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC07K2CW8 Chest Freezer
WFC07M2AW9 Freezer
FFC0522DW7 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522DW9 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522FW1 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522FW3 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522GB5 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723DW12 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723DW13 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723DW14 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723DW15 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723DW16 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723DW17 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723DW18 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723DW19 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723FW1 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723FW2 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723FW3 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723FW4 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0723FW5 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0923DW2 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0923DW3 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0923DW4 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0923DW5 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0923DW6 Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWA Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWB Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWC Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWD Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWE Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWF Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWG Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWH Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWJ Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWK Frigidaire/Freezer
LFFC09M5HWL Frigidaire/Freezer
BFFC05M2MW0 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522DW10 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522DW11 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522DW12 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522DW13 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522DW16 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522DW18 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522DW20 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522FW4 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522FW5 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522FW6 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC0522FW7 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC05K1CW10 Chest Freezer
LFFC0724DW2 Chest Freezer
WFC09M3BW3 White Westinghouse/Freezer
FFC0523DW1 Chest Freezer
LFFC0524DW1 Chest Freezer
FFC0523DW0 Chest Freezer
FFC05C3CW3 Chest Freezer
FFC1311DW1 Chest Freezer
FFC13K1CW1 Chest Freezer
FFC15K3CW1 Chest Freezer
LFFC0524DW0 Chest Freezer
LFFC0724DW0 Chest Freezer
LFFC0924DW1 Chest Freezer
FFC07K0FW0 Chest Freezer
FFC07K1FW0 Chest Freezer
FFC1311DW2 Chest Freezer
WFC09M3BW4 Freezer
FFC13C3AW3 Chest Freezer
FFC13K1CW2 Chest Freezer
FFC15K3CW2 Chest Freezer
FFC13K0DW1 Chest Freezer
FFC15K0DW1 Chest Freezer
FFC15K0DW2 Chest Freezer
FFC15K0DW3 Chest Freezer
WFC15M4BW2 White Westinghouse/Freezer
WFC25M4BW7 Freezer
FFC07C4CW7 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC09C4CW3 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC13C4CW1 Chest Freezer
FFC1524DW0 Chest Freezer
WFC15M4BW3 White Westinghouse/Freezer
CFC09M4AW4 Universal/Freezer
FFC07C4CW10 Chest Freezer
FFC07C4CW6 Frigidaire/Freezer
FFC13C4CW2 Chest Freezer
FFC13C6CW1 Chest Freezer
FFC1524DW1 Chest Freezer
FFC1524DW2 Chest Freezer
FFC13C6CW2 Chest Freezer
AFFC1526DW1 Chest Freezer
AFFC1526DW2 Chest Freezer
FFC13C6CW3 Chest Freezer
AFFC1526DW3 Chest Freezer
AFFC1526DW4 Chest Freezer
FFC09C6CW3 Chest Freezer
GLFC1526FW1 Chest Freezer
FFC1526FW0 Chest Freezer
FFC1526FW1 Chest Freezer
FGCH20M7LW0 Frigidaire/Freezer
FGCH20M7LW2 Frigidaire/Freezer
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Freezer
Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Clip, Controller - 216954300
Capacitor - 297286801
Controller - 216954217
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Freezer compressor did not run and freezer did not cool
Installed a new capacitor and compressor relay. Easy plug and play.
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 216954300
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.20 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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