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Part Number: 2610997221
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Bosch
Product Number: 2610997221
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.09 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is a genuine manufacturer-approved replacement part which is specially designed for use with Bosch table saws. This bushing helps to provide spacing between connected parts, please make sure to refer to the appropriate diagrams of your model for the correct location and application of this hardware. Keep in mind this high-quality item is made of durable metal and is sold individually.
Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Saw
  • • Table Saw
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Table Saw
Parts Used:
Threaded Rod - 2610996895
Bushing - 2610997221
Toothed Gear - 2610996896
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
More than 2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Power Drill, Socket set, Wrench Set, Snap ring pliers, roll pin punch
The saw blade would not raise or lower and toothed gears were stripped.
1. Put the saw on the work bench and remove the stand with 10mm sockets.
2. Loosen the angle adjustment.
3. Remove the raise/lower wheel, with a screwdriver and an Allen wrench.
4. Stand the saw up on an edge and support with two one gallon paint cans.
5. Remove two phillips screws supporting horizontal bracket axle. Slide the axle back to release the toothed gear.
6. Use a roll pin punch and remove one pin, out of the way don't lose them, from each gear.
7. Remove two 10mm jam nuts from the end of the vertical axle.
8. Use an Allen wrench to move the Allen stop screw out of the way of the bushing. Move the motor to the bottom of its stroke, channel locks maybe needed and you might bust your knuckles.
9. Use snap ring pliers to remove snap ring from top of the bushing. Tap or pull vertical axle and bushing out of the motor.
10. Slide motor up to top of stroke and remove the vertical axle and bushing.
11. Overbore the vertical axle support bracket with 13/16 or 5/8 bit, I forgot. Just enough to slide new threaded rod through the bracket.
12. Use graphite spray lubricant and flood the threaded rod, several sprays. Move motor up to top of stroke, insert threaded rod through overbored bracket, thread bushing on to the rod. Place bushing into seat on the motor.
13. Reinstall the snap ring, reset the Allen stop screw on the side of the bushing. Reinstall new toothed gear on the threaded rod. Loosely install the two 10mm jamb nuts on the end of the threaded rod.
14. Install the new toothed gear on the horizontal axle. Reinstall the raise/lower wheel, you need to give it a good push to get the center screw to start. Reset allen stop screw.
15. Reinstall the two screws on the horizontal bracket. This is the were the finesse comes in. The horizontal bracket adjusts the horizontal gear relative to the vertical gear. Don't make it too tight or too loose. Lock down the two phillips screws when you are satisfied.
16. Move motor to bottom of the stroke and then lock down the jamb nuts. Again it needs some finesse. The tightest spot for the jamb nuts is at the bottom of the stroke.
17. Move angle stop back to 0 degrees and lock down. Check the movement by raising and lower the motor several times until happy with the motion.
18. Reinstall the stand. Get back to work.
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Bosch
Product Number: 2610997221
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.09 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
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