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Speed Control

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Question: Speed Varies From High To Low


When I start the router, it can rev up and then slow down without touching the speed control.
Reply: Speed Varies From High To Low


Hi drtommoran,
That it.Replace your speed controller.Hope that helps.Good luck.
Question: Pr20evs Loses Power


would a faulty speed control switch cause loss of power
Reply: Pr20evs Loses Power


Hello hybernian,

I would first check your 2610008121 brushes to make sure that they are not worn down to far to make good contact with armature. Then check both the 2610008120 armature and the 2610008119 field for burnt windings or a burnt insulation smell. If those are all okay then, I am pretty sure it will be the 1607233174 speed control that is your problem.

Reply: Pr20evs Loses Power


Thanks for the reply WJA. Sorry I took so long to get back to you. On the Bosch Colt the brushes are fairly new. I'm hoping the problem is not the armature or the field as that will pretty much junk this unit. The speed control switch is doable. Is it possible to remove the speed control switch or even just bypass it, so that the unit runs as a single speed router. And if it is possible, is there a wiring diagram to guide me thru it.
Thanks for your help
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