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99242 Control Knobs

Part Number: 99242
Availability: 2 in stock
Price: $5.72
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This is a genuine manufacturer sourced replacement part designed for use with Weber gas grills. It helps to control your burners. Replacing this part does not require any tools, this knob fits over the regulator shaft. Please note bezel is sold separately. These control knobs are made out of plastic and they are sold in a pack of three (3).
Repair Stories
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Tool Type:
Outdoor Grill
Parts Used:
Burner Tube Set - 10409
Manifold with larger sweep - 60141
Control Knobs - 99242
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Wrench Set
Burner manifold caught on fire.
Remove LP gas tank, remove knobs, remove Grates, and Flavor bars, remove 2 screws by knob assembly. remove knob cover. remove 2 nuts holding manifold in place,unclip wires holding manifold. Remove manifold. loosen burner tube screws inside grill. pull out burner tubes,(pay attention to the way the holes face on the tubes) I like to take a picture with smart phone. and slightly turn them to remove from grill opening. replace with new burner tubes. secure under screws in grill, slide manifold back into place, secure metal wires into holes. tighten nuts to hold manifold in place. put cover back on, tighten end screws replace knobs. hook up LP gas.
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Question: Control Knobs


Does a quanity of 1 include one knob or three knobs? Three are three shown in the picture.
Reply: Control Knobs


Hello Josiah,

When you order 1 of the part number 99242 Control Knobs. You will receive 3 Knobs.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Weber
Category Number: 99242
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.18 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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