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Blade Adapter (With Star On Bottom) 25mm ID

Part Number: 748-04082
MTDTroy-BiltYard Man
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 748-04226.

  • 25mm inner diameter

This part is compatible with the following machines:

11A-544B129 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B151 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B206 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B308 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B033 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B019 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B057 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B118 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B131 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B022 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B722 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B002 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B715 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B077 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B977 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B777 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B724 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B105 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B009 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B016 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B145 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B196 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B719 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B098 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-588Q304 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q372 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q401 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q720 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q730 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q301 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q709 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q371 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q307 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q513 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q713 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q382 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q000 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q121 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q205 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q705 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q706 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q026 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q726 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q054 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q745 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q754 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q704 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q029 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
Yard Man

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This blade adapter did not fit my Yard-Man Model 11A-549Q755 mower. The opening in the adapter was too small for the shaft. This part (748-0377E) appears to be a manufacturer substitution for part number 748-0377C. Does the other available blade adapter (part number 748-04082 - w/o star on bottom) vary in size?
Reply: Blade Adapter (748-0377E) Did No...


Hello dlupo,

The ID of the part number 748-0377E Blade Adapter is 22 mm. Whereas the ID of the part number 748-04082 Blade Adapter is 25 mm.

Question: Blade Adapter


how do you replace a blade adapter. Is there a set screw to remove adapter?
Reply: Blade Adapter


on our troybilt the bolt holds it in place
Reply: Blade Adapter


First remove the blade and a bolt. Use a slide hammer with attach in puller 2 jaws and ram the adapter out.
Product Information
Manufacturer: MTD, Troy-Bilt, Yard Man
Category Number: 748-04082
Classification: Part
Weight: 1.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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