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Blade Adapter (With Star On Bottom) 25mm ID

Part Number: 748-04082
MTDTroy-BiltYard Man
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 748-04226.

  • 25mm inner diameter
Genuine manufacturer approved replacement part used on lawn mowers. This adapter fits the blade and allows it to connect to the spindle. This part is made out of metal and it is sold individually. You would need a wrench to replace this blade adapter.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

11A-544B129 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B151 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B206 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B308 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B033 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B019 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B057 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B118 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B131 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B022 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B722 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B002 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B715 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B077 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B977 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B777 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B724 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B105 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B009 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B016 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B145 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B196 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B719 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-544B098 (2008) Lawn Mower
11A-588Q304 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q372 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q401 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q720 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q730 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q301 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q709 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q371 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q307 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q513 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q713 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q382 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q000 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q121 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q205 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q705 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q706 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q026 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q726 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q054 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q745 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q754 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q704 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
11A-588Q029 (2005) Walk-Behind Mower
Yard Man

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This blade adapter did not fit my Yard-Man Model 11A-549Q755 mower. The opening in the adapter was too small for the shaft. This part (748-0377E) appears to be a manufacturer substitution for part number 748-0377C. Does the other available blade adapter (part number 748-04082 - w/o star on bottom) vary in size?
Reply: Blade Adapter (748-0377E) Did No...


Hello dlupo,

The ID of the part number 748-0377E Blade Adapter is 22 mm. Whereas the ID of the part number 748-04082 Blade Adapter is 25 mm.

Question: Blade Adapter


how do you replace a blade adapter. Is there a set screw to remove adapter?
Reply: Blade Adapter


on our troybilt the bolt holds it in place
Reply: Blade Adapter


First remove the blade and a bolt. Use a slide hammer with attach in puller 2 jaws and ram the adapter out.
Product Information
Manufacturer: MTD, Troy-Bilt, Yard Man
Category Number: 748-04082
Classification: Part
Weight: 1.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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