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Question: Squealing Noise


I have a 4000-n -rt table saw. I bought this saw as a reconditioned saw. Lately I've been hearing this squealing noise when the saw is running and when I shut it off. I think its a bearing but I'm not sure which one . Can you give some guidance on what to do. I'm mechanically inclined and I didn't want to tear it apart without knowing which way to go.
Reply: Squealing Noise


Hi Jon,

I would agree that it is likely a bearing. It could be any one of the bearings in the saw. The only way to find it will be to disassemble the saw and inspect the bearings. There will be quite a bit of tear down to replace the bearings. I think if it were my saw I would replace all of the bearings. If one went bad the others probably are not too far behind it. There are two armature bearings. They are part numbers #2610911928 and #2610911927. There are two more bearings on the blade shaft. They are part numbers #2610996949 and #2610997210. All of these parts are available from

I hope this helps with your repair!


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