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Washer.​377-1-.​03 Flt

Part Number: 703966
MurrayBriggs and StrattonSnapperSimplicity
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 722604, 17X169MA, 17X169ZMA, 710252MA, 017X169MA, MU17X169MA and 710252.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Murray, Briggs and Stratton, Snapper, Simplicity
Product Number: 703966
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
Keep in mind this part is made of metal and is sold individually. The washer goes next to the extension spring. It may require a wrench during installation. Over time this part may break and will need to be replaced. This authentic item is supplied directly from the original equipment manufacturer for use with lawn tractors and lawn mowers made by Murray, Briggs & Stratton, Snapper, and Simplicity.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

7800292 (385002x108C) Lawn Tractor
7800272 (312006x11E) Lawn Tractor
7800274 (312006x11E) Lawn Tractor
7800275 (309006x78C) Lawn Tractor
7800276 (385048x114) Lawn Tractor
7800277 (385048x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800294 (385002x78D) Lawn Tractor
7800319 (385048x151) Lawn Tractor
7800278 (405021x114) Lawn Tractor
7800279 (405021x51) Lawn Tractor
7800295 (405012x108) Lawn Tractor
7800297 (405012x108) Lawn Tractor
7800320 (405021x151) Lawn Tractor
7800282 (425307x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800302 (425017x78B) Lawn Tractor
7800283 (465307x51) Lawn Tractor
7800268 (BTPV21675E) Lawn Mower
7800201 (MD2250) Lawn Mower
7800202 (MD2255) Lawn Mower
7800203 (M2265HW) Lawn Mower
7800204 (MP2265) Lawn Mower
7800205 (MP22675HW) Lawn Mower
7800239 (NMD2250) Lawn Mower
7800240 (NM2255) Lawn Mower
7800241 (NM2265HW) Lawn Mower
7800242 (NMP2265) Lawn Mower
7800243 (NMP226575HW) Lawn Mower
7800247 (EMP2265) Lawn Mower
7800248 (EMP22675HW) Lawn Mower
7800258 (M2255FC) Lawn Mower
7800260 (MP2265FC) Lawn Mower
7800267 (BTP2265HW) Lawn Mower
7800322 (BTD2250FC) Lawn Mower
7800323 (BT2265FC) Lawn Mower
7800324 (BTP22675HWFC) Lawn Mower
7800461 (EMP2265) Lawn Mower
7800462 (EMP22675HW) Lawn Mower
7800477 (BTP22675HW) Lawn Mower
312006x50C Lawn Tractor
385002x108B Lawn Tractor
385003x108 Lawn Tractor
385047x51A Lawn Tractor
405013x50C Lawn Tractor
405020x51A Lawn Tractor
425018x00A 42" Lawn Tractor
465617x51A 46" Lawn Tractor
312006x190A (552550) 30" Lawn Tractor
312006x50B-SW 30" Lawn Tractor
312006x78B 30" Lawn Tractor
385002x190A (552544) 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x50B-SW 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x78C 38" Lawn Tractor
385044x51A-SW 38" Lawn Tractor
405013x50B-SW 40" Lawn Tractor
405017x190A (552545) 40" Lawn Tractor
405607x78A 40" Lawn Tractor
425017x190A (552548) 42" Lawn Tractor
461004x92B 46" Lawn Tractor
461605x99A 46" Lawn Tractor
312002x11B 30" Lawn Tractor
312006x50A 30" Lawn Tractor
385000x68B 38" Lawn Tractor
385001x51A 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x108A 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x50A 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x78A 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x78B 38" Lawn Tractor
385002x98A 38" Lawn Tractor
385003x52A 38" Lawn Tractor
385004x52A 38" Lawn Tractor
405000x8E 40" Lawn Tractor
405000x8F 40" Lawn Tractor
405000x8G 40" Lawn Tractor
405004x99A 40" Lawn Tractor
405011x48A 40" Lawn Tractor
425001x99A 42" Lawn Tractor
425012x31A 42" Lawn Tractor
425014x92B 42" Lawn Tractor
425014x92C 42" Lawn Tractor
425016x48A 42" Lawn Tractor
425017x24A 42" Lawn Tractor
425017x78A 42" Lawn Tractor
405011X52A 40" Lawn Tractor
405011x92A 40" Lawn Tractor
405011x92B 40" Lawn Tractor
405011x92C 40" Lawn Tractor
405012x108A 40" Lawn Tractor
405013x50A 40" Lawn Tractor
405016x31A 40" Lawn Tractor
405017x78B 40" Lawn Tractor
425001x8C 42" Lawn Tractor
405017x78A 40" Lawn Tractor
425001x8D 42" Lawn Tractor
425001x8E 42" Lawn Tractor
465306x8B 46" Lawn Tractor
465307x31A 46" Lawn Tractor
206510x31A 20" Lawn Mower
206510x50A 20" Lawn Mower
207610x52A 20" Lawn Mower
226110x24A 22" Lawn Mower
226110x24C 22" Lawn Mower
226110x50A 22" Lawn Mower
226111x48A 22" Lawn Mower
226111x52B 22" Lawn Mower
226111x92A 22" Lawn Mower
226111x92B 22" Lawn Mower
226112x52A 22" Lawn Mower
228410x199C 22" Lawn Mower
228510X99B 22" Lawn Mower
228511x24B 22" Lawn Mower
228512x48A 22" Lawn Mower
228512x8A 22" Lawn Mower
228610x30A 22" Lawn Mower
228610x31A 22" Lawn Mower
228610x68D 22" Lawn Mower
228611x50A 22" Lawn Mower
228650x50A 22" Lawn Mower
228651x92A 22" Lawn Mower
228651x99B 22" Lawn Mower
228690x24B 22" Lawn Mower
229610x30A 22" Lawn Mower
229611x24B 22" Lawn Mower
229611x48A 22" Lawn Mower
229611x83A 22" Lawn Mower
229611x99A 22" Lawn Mower
461004x92A 46" Lawn Tractor
461005x68A 46" Lawn Tractor
461604x99A 46" Lawn Tractor
465306x8A 46" Lawn Tractor
312002x11A 31" Lawn Tractor
312001x50C 31" Lawn Tractor
312002x98B 31" Lawn Tractor
312003x50B 31" Lawn Tractor
312004x68A 31" Lawn Tractor
385000x68A 38" Lawn Tractor
385011x50C 38" Lawn Tractor
385014x98B 38" Lawn Tractor
385015x50B 38" Lawn Tractor
385015x50C 38" Lawn Tractor
385016x78A 38" Lawn Tractor
385021x53A 38" Lawn Tractor
38516x53D 38" Lawn Tractor
405000x31B 40" Lawn Tractor
405000x8C 40" Lawn Tractor
405000x8D 40" Lawn Tractor
405001x78B (2004) 40" Lawn Tractor
405004x50B 40" Lawn Tractor
405004x52A 40" Lawn Tractor
405005x99B 40" Lawn Tractor
405005x99C 40" Lawn Tractor

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Lawn Mower
  • • Lawn Tractor
Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Lawn Mower
Parts Used:
Washer.377-1-.03 Flt - 703966
Guard, Rear 22" Hi-Wheel - 7102422YP
Drive Wheel - 71133MA
Single Blade - 1101120E701MA
Wheel-14x1.75 In. Gray, Rear - 672074MA
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Socket set
One of the rear wheels was broken, and both front wheel gear teeth were stripped and the self propel was not working. Rear guard was missing and the blade had seen better days. Good as new now!
Unbolted and removed rear wheel with a socket wrench, replaced with new wheel. Popped front wheel caps off with a screwdriver to access bolts, removed front wheels and replaced with new. One was missing a washer. reinstalled caps. Removed bolts that attach rear guard with a socket wrench, installed new guard. Removed old blade with a socket wrench (disconnect the spark plug wire first) and a rag to hold the blade still. Reinstalled new blade, reattached plug wire.
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Murray, Briggs and Stratton, Snapper, Simplicity
Product Number: 703966
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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