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Part Number: 793556
Briggs and Stratton
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 793556
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.12 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
44P777-0003-G5 Engine
44P777-0016-E1 Engine
44P777-0016-G1 Engine
44P777-0025-E1 Engine
44P777-0025-G1 Engine
44P777-0026-B1 Engine
44P777-0026-E1 Engine
44P777-0026-G1 Engine
44P777-0027-B1 Engine
44P777-0027-E1 Engine
44P777-0027-G1 Engine
44P777-0100-B1 Engine
44P777-0110-E1 Engine
44P777-0110-G1 Engine
44P777-0111-B1 Engine
44P777-0111-E1 Engine
44P777-0112-B1 Engine
44P777-0112-E1 Engine
44P777-0113-B1 Engine
44P777-0113-E1 Engine
44P777-0113-G1 Engine
44P777-0115-B1 Engine
44P777-0115-E1 Engine
44P777-0116-B1 Engine
44P777-0116-E1 Engine
44P777-0116-G1 Engine
44P777-0117-B1 Engine
44P777-0117-E1 Engine
44P777-0119-B1 Engine
44P777-0119-E1 Engine
44P777-0120-B1 Engine
44P777-0120-E1 Engine
44P777-0120-G1 Engine
44P777-0121-B1 Engine
44P777-0121-E1 Engine
44P777-0122-B1 Engine
44P777-0122-B2 Engine
44P777-0123-G1 Engine
44P777-0123-G2 Engine
44P777-0124-G1 Engine
44P777-0126-B1 Engine
44P777-0127-B1 Engine
44P777-0128-B1 Engine
44P777-0128-G1 Engine
44P777-0129-B1 Engine
44P777-0130-B1 Engine
44P777-0132-G1 Engine
44P777-0133-G1 Engine
44P777-0134-G1 Engine
44P777-0135-G1 Engine
44P777-0136-G1 Engine
44P777-0137-G1 Engine
44P777-0138-G1 Engine
44P777-0139-G1 Engine
44P777-0141-B1 Engine
44P777-0142-B1 Engine
44P777-0143-B1 Engine
44P777-0146-B1 Engine
44P777-0149-G1 Engine
44P777-0149-G2 Engine
44P777-0150-B1 Engine
44P777-0150-B2 Engine
44P777-0151-G1 Engine
44P777-0152-G1 Engine
44P777-0153-G1 Engine
44P777-0155-G1 Engine
44P777-0156-G1 Engine
44P777-0157-G1 Engine
44P777-0158-G1 Engine
44P777-0158-G2 Engine
44P777-0159-G1 Engine
44P777-0160-G1 Engine
44P777-0162-G1 Engine
44P777-0163-G1 Engine
44P777-0164-B1 Engine
44P777-0164-B2 Engine
44P777-0166-G1 Engine
44P777-0167-B1 Engine
44P777-0168-G1 Engine
44P777-0169-G1 Engine
44P777-0170-G1 Engine
44P777-0171-B1 Engine
44P777-0172-G1 Engine
44P777-0173-G1 Engine
44P777-0174-G1 Engine
44P777-0174-G5 Engine
44P777-0176-G5 Engine
44P777-0177-B1 Engine
44P777-0178-G5 Engine
44P777-0180-G5 Engine
44P777-0181-G5 Engine
44P777-0182-G5 Engine
44P777-0183-G5 Engine
44P777-0184-G5 Engine
44P777-0185-G5 Engine
44P777-0186-G5 Engine
44P777-0277-G1 Engine
44P777-0277-G5 Engine
44P777-0277-G6 Engine
44P777-0278-G1 Engine
44P777-0278-G5 Engine
44P777-0287-B1 Engine
44P777-0287-B2 Engine
44P777-0287-B5 Engine
44P777-0287-B6 Engine
44P777-0288-B1 Engine
44P777-0288-B2 Engine
44P777-0289-G5 Engine
44P777-0289-G6 Engine
44P777-0412-B1 Engine
44P777-0412-E1 Engine
44P777-0594-B1 Engine
44P777-0594-E1 Engine
44P777-0706-B1 Engine
44P777-0721-B1 Engine
44P777-0765-B1 Engine
44P777-0784-B1 Engine
44P777-0799-B1 Engine
44P777-0884-B1 Engine
44P777-0884-E1 Engine
44P777-1202-B1 Engine
44P777-1273-B1 Engine
44P777-1388-B1 Engine
44P777-1447-B1 Engine
44P777-1448-B1 Engine
44P777-1455-B1 Engine
44P777-1522-B1 Engine
44P777-1526-B1 Engine
44P777-1553-G1 Engine
44P777-1553-G5 Engine
44P777-1573-G5 Engine
44P777-1579-G5 Engine
44P777-1589-B1 Engine
44P777-2156-G1 Engine
44P777-2156-G5 Engine
44P777-2157-G1 Engine
44P777-2157-G5 Engine
44P777-2159-G1 Engine
44P777-2159-G5 Engine
44P777-2162-G1 Engine
44P777-2162-G5 Engine
44P777-2163-G5 Engine
44P777-2167-G1 Engine
44P777-2167-G5 Engine
44P777-2168-G1 Engine
44P777-2168-G5 Engine
44P777-2172-G5 Engine
44P777-2447-G1 Engine
44P777-2447-G5 Engine
44P777-2448-G1 Engine

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
Questions & Answers

Do these stems require the little cap on the end where they meet the rocker arm ?BRIGGS&STRATTON 445877-0130-E1
Mike for model number 445877-0130-E1
Hello Mike and thank you for writing. No, that is not needed. Thanks again!
Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 793556
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.12 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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