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Valve-float Needle - 797410:Briggs and Stratton 360 View
Valve-float Needle - 797410:Briggs and StrattonValve-float Needle - 797410:Briggs and StrattonValve-float Needle - 797410:Briggs and StrattonValve-float Needle - 797410:Briggs and Stratton 360 View

Valve-float Needle 797410

Part Number: 797410
Briggs and StrattonToroVanguard - Briggs & Stratton
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 690985.

Product Information
The float needle valve goes next to the fuel transfer tube and helps to control the flow of the fuel. Keep in mind that this high-quality part is sold individually. It is a genuine item that is supplied by the original equipment manufacturer for use with Toro lawn tractors and Briggs & Stratton engines. A socket set and a screwdriver may be helpful when replacing this part. This small metal part may become broken or lost and will need to be replaced.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
445777-0231-E1 Engine
295342-0112-B1 Engine
295342-0188-B1 Engine
295346-0001-G1 Engine
295346-0119-B1 Engine
295347-0004-G1 Engine
295347-0120-G1 Engine
295347-0121-G1 Engine
295347-0135-B1 Engine
295347-0144-B1 Engine
295347-0171-G1 Engine
295347-0178-F1 Engine
295347-0189-B1 Engine
295347-0190-B1 Engine
295347-0191-G1 Engine
295347-0191-H1 Engine
295347-1174-G1 Engine
295447-0159-G1 Engine
295447-0159-G2 Engine
297440-0008-G1 Engine
297440-0153-G1 Engine
297440-0153-G2 Engine
297447-0159-G1 Engine
297447-0159-G2 Engine
303437-0100-01 Engine
303437-0101-01 Engine
303440-1320-E1 Engine
303440-1326-E1 Engine
303440-1381-E1 Engine
303440-1409-E1 Engine
303440-1409-E2 Engine
303440-1410-E1 Engine
303440-1410-E2 Engine
303442-0023-01 Engine
303442-0023-02 Engine
303442-0031-01 Engine
303442-0031-02 Engine
303442-0034-01 Engine
303442-0036-01 Engine
303442-0036-02 Engine
303442-0040-01 Engine
303442-0040-02 Engine
303442-0043-01 Engine
303442-0043-02 Engine
303442-0044-01 Engine
303442-0047-01 Engine
303442-0047-02 Engine
303442-0053-01 Engine
303442-0053-02 Engine
303442-0057-01 Engine
303442-0057-02 Engine
303442-0060-01 Engine
303442-0060-02 Engine
303442-0070-01 Engine
303442-0084-01 Engine
303442-0085-01 Engine
303442-0102-01 Engine
303442-0123-01 Engine
303442-0123-02 Engine
303442-0126-01 Engine
303442-0128-01 Engine
303442-0129-01 Engine
303442-0136-01 Engine
303442-0138-01 Engine
303442-0140-01 Engine
303442-0142-01 Engine
303442-0309-01 Engine
303442-0312-01 Engine
303442-0313-01 Engine
303442-0314-01 Engine
303442-0317-01 Engine
303442-0319-01 Engine
303442-0319-03 Engine
303442-0321-01 Engine
303442-0339-01 Engine
303442-0340-01 Engine
303442-0340-02 Engine
303442-0343-01 Engine
303442-0344-01 Engine
303442-0347-01 Engine
303442-0347-02 Engine
303442-0350-01 Engine
303442-0353-01 Engine
303442-0357-01 Engine
303442-0360-01 Engine
303442-0360-03 Engine
303442-0362-01 Engine
303442-0365-01 Engine
303442-0365-02 Engine
303442-0365-05 Engine
303442-0366-01 Engine
303442-0370-01 Engine
303442-0372-01 Engine
303442-0385-01 Engine
303442-0391-01 Engine
303442-0397-01 Engine
303442-0399-01 Engine
303442-0399-02 Engine
303442-0403-01 Engine
303442-0413-01 Engine
303442-0416-01 Engine
303442-0419-01 Engine
303442-0419-02 Engine
303442-0423-01 Engine
303442-0424-01 Engine
303442-0425-01 Engine
303442-0426-01 Engine
303442-0427-01 Engine
303442-0428-01 Engine
303442-0435-02 Engine
303442-0438-01 Engine
303442-0448-01 Engine
303442-0458-01 Engine
303442-0464-01 Engine
303442-0475-01 Engine
303442-0476-01 Engine
303442-0488-01 Engine
303442-0496-01 Engine
303442-0502-01 Engine
303442-0505-01 Engine
303442-0518-01 Engine
303442-1009-A2 Engine
303442-1012-A1 Engine
303442-1013-A1 Engine
303442-1014-A1 Engine
303442-1017-A1 Engine
303442-1019-E3 Engine
303442-1021-A1 Engine
303442-1027-A1 Engine
303442-1027-E1 Engine
303442-1027-E2 Engine
303442-1027-E9 Engine
303442-1028-A1 Engine
303442-1028-E1 Engine
303442-1030-A1 Engine
303442-1030-E1 Engine
303442-1031-A1 Engine
303442-1033-E1 Engine
303442-1033-E9 Engine
303442-1034-E1 Engine
303442-1034-E9 Engine
303442-1040-E1 Engine
303442-1043-A1 Engine
303442-1044-A1 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
  • • Lawn Tractor

Questions & Answers for Valve-float Needle

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Valve-float Needle - 797410
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Socket set
Cylinders were flooded w/ fuel causing fuel to leak out through the exhaust and mingle with the oil.
Remove all metal and plastic covers that may be in the way. Then remove the carb., remove the bulb, extract the float that holds the needle and remove the needle. A cotton swab and some carb cleaner can be used to clean the brass seat that the needle sits on. While the float is out... to cover all the bases... see if it floats. Install the new needle and place everything back on in reverse order. If the excess fuel made it into the oil you MUST change the oil and oil filter. It is also a good idea to change the fuel filter.
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  • fit fine
    altho a bit dear price wise , all local suppers would not sell just needle ,so this was best deal I could find . Thanks
    Guest - November 20, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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